Experts recommend that each of us have enough supplies to care for our households for a minimum of three days. I don’t live where disaster is likely but I pray for all those people in our world where the risk of this is a regular reality. A chain saw requires no electricity to run and can do a tremendous amount of work in many disaster scenarios. If you ever need it, that rice will really help stretch your survival pantry as the disaster wears on into weeks rather than days. Keep a list of important phone numbers with your emergency supplies so you can make these calls. During the stress of a disaster is not the time to try new foods you have not eaten before. If anyone in your family takes medicine on a regular basis, talk to your doctor and see if they can get a 90-day supply for disaster preparedness.
Be aware of carbon monoxide build up as well as any gas leaks resulting from the disaster itself. Feminine hygiene is important, because rest assured, a disaster will hit at that time of the month.

Regardless of the nature of the disaster, there are certain supplies and pieces of equipment that are useful to have on hand. A disaster supply kit is a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.
September is also National Emergency Preparedness Month, a reminder to stay informed and get prepared for major natural and man-made disasters. Some of these items, especially those marked with a * can be dangerous, so please have an adult collect these supplies. It's best to assume that in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, roads will be inaccessible by vehicles, and public transportation will be shut down.
Hopefully, this article will help you in that process, enabling you to prioritize your needs, establishing a plan and gather supplies and skills.
Change the bag daily if you can and bury the waste or store it in a sealable trash can that you can throw away after the disaster.
There are also steps and precautions you can take that are useful no matter what the disaster is, from a hurricane to a house fire. For a long-term event: soap, tooth care, hair cutting and feminine hygiene supplies are the only things you will really need.

These supplies enable you to shelter in place, patch broken windows, and build impromptu shelters. However, by taking the time to assemble and maintain a disaster preparedness kit now, your household will have survival supplies on hand. A key component to the training is distribution of free NYS Disaster Preparedness Kits to each family that attends the in-person, regional public events where registration is required. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster but they cannot reach everyone immediately. With this cabinet this family of four could survive a short duration disaster such as a tornado, power outage or blizzard. Whether it's preparedness for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or fires, the key to survival in disasters is planning.

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