For large companies, a flood or other disaster can be difficult to come back from, but for a small business owner in the early stages, it can be the end.
Without a disaster preparedness plan in place, it took three months, money out of his own pocket, and the help of the SBA and his local chamber of commerce, but he was able to get his business back up and running and keep his 12 employees on payroll. Partnering with Rooted Technology Solutions allows your business to have direct access to a security expert and a dedicated systems engineer to ensure that security is by design and not an afterthought.
Rooted Technology Solutions can do an assessment of your network from a business continuity perspective to see what simple or extended improvements can be done to keep your business going when the going gets tough. Depending on your technology infrastructure and location we can implement secondary Internet providers, extended battery power supply, generator integration, high-availabiliy systems, co-located servers, workstations in the cloud, and more.

Between tools that allow you to run your business in the cloud, the collaboration that cloud technology affords you and your team, and a variety of online apps, you can not only prepare your company to recover quickly in case of a disaster, you can set it on the fast track to excel. At a minimum, it will help you uncover and prioritize which areas of your business will need the most attention in case of a disaster.
Rather, this post is intended to bring cyber security awareness to local businesses and IT service providers to better protect the technology resources we’ve been entrusted with. Call (251) 517-3253 and find out how we can partner together to take your business to the next level with properly aligned technology with your needs. Department of Labor, roughly 40 percent of companies hit by natural disasters never reopen.

At Rooted Technology Solutions we aim to ensure our clients engage in regular network assessments and technology roadmaps to be proactive in providing the most reliable and secure technology solutions to meet the business demands and budget requirements. This is another area Rooted Technology Solutions can help you know your gaps and give you the IT expertise to fill them.

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