Joffe Emergency Services is the leading provider of school emergency planning - including response training and disaster preparedness - for schools throughout the country. Disaster Response PlanningCertified disaster planning saves staff time, reduces liability costs, and most importantly, protects lives.
Full-Scale Post-Disaster Response DrillsIn response to an overwhelming need for increased scrutiny surrounding emergency response training on campus, Joffe has developed a one-of-a-kind Moulage Drill catered to the unique needs of public and private schools.
School Safety FundraisersEmergency planning is a necessity, not a luxury – an earthquake, fire, flood, or lockout will occur, and it is your responsibility to protect the lives entrusted to you by stocking up on emergency food, water, and first aid for 72 hour survival. The fact that a large number of Los Angeles (LA) County adults have failed to prepare themselves and their households for emergencies or disasters will have serious consequences for families and the metropolitan region’s resiliency after a large-scale mass-casualty event.
Open For Business ®Disaster planning toolkit for small to mid-sized business owners from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. Community Action Plan for Seismic SafetyThe purpose of the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) project is to provide the Department of Building Inspection a plan of action, or policy road map, to reduce earthquake risks.
Peek also suggests that children are under-involved in disaster planning or education because they lack the voice necessary to make their needs heard, and because planning professionals often lack expertise in children’s issues. For example, imagine if school visit programs by emergency managers were scaled-up, with the goal of reaching each school at least once yearly.
This requires that regardless of where and when a disaster strikes, each family must have emergency supplies and a family emergency plan. A complete family emergency plan requires that all family members know the basic pre-designated family meeting place and have contact phone numbers to reach one another in the event of an emergency. LA County should explore the practical solution of incorporating emergency preparedness and response curricula uniformly in K-8 public schools, possibly using one or more of the curricula outlined here. These included helping to clean up, plant greenery, rebuild, and bring food and water to recovery workers. Superintendents, school boards, administrators, and teachers trust Joffe's certified experts to save lives and prevent emergencies through expert service that builds trust, demonstrates respect, and empowers schools to apply life-saving techniques to any individual in need, under any circumstance.
Trusted by top-tier independent schools, Joffe’s Moulage Drill is an interactive event designed to establish a hands-on understanding of emergency response for students and teachers alike.
Yet for many schools and school administrators, emergency supplies are treated as a luxury due to harsh fiscal realities. Find out if your home or business is at risk for earthquakes, tsunamis, and related hazards. Marin County Schools Emergency Preparedness ServicesOnline resources for school disaster planners to improve emergency response procedures in local schools.

It is important to note that the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) recommends an “all-hazard” comprehensive approach to basic family and individual preparedness. Implementing such a program countywide would increase resiliency and provide the world an active, large experiment on the positive effects of emergency preparedness education.
14 For both probabilities, they predict that such an event is most likely to occur in Southern California. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “Ready” campaign and the American Red Cross’s “Get Prepared” campaign “emphasize getting an emergency kit, making a plan, and staying informed. 32 However, after an event children are still capable of determining real-time needs and planning in the long term. FEMA also operates the “Ready Kids” website, which provides an online interactive emergency preparedness learning experience.
Integration of Disaster Risk ReductionEducation into the School Curricula and SangguniangKabataan (SK) Program and Mandatory Training forthe Public Sector Employees. Onsite training is provided at no extra cost for groups and can be broken up over a period of days to accommodate your staff’s busy schedule.
In order to ensure full disaster protection, our licensed experts will work directly with your school or district’s key stakeholders to create, update, or certify your disaster response plan, including: notification systems, communications plans, evacuation procedures, chain of command, post-incident response, parental response, materials supply and materials maintenance.
Joffe’s Moulage Drill brings your school’s current response plan to life through a carefully constructed, real-time reenactment of disaster response staffed with nationally recognized paramedics and supervised by trained disaster response specialists at a price you can afford.
That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive safety fundraiser in order to lift the financial burden on your school.
Fundamental preparedness steps include: 1) Identify your risk, 2) Make a plan, 3) Build a kit, and 4) Get involved (see Table 3).
The Bay Area Earthquake Alliance, which is composed of 183 member groups and organizations, coordinates earthquake awareness and preparedness activities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The survey showed that on average, only 74% of respondents said they had 3-day supply of food and water, and only 41% said they had a family emergency plan. Emergency supplies include a three to seven-day supply of drinking water and non-perishable food (that does not require refrigeration) for each family member, a battery-powered radio, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and some extra batteries. 12 For many Angelenos, the Northridge earthquake was the last major earthquake to occur in their lifetime. Joffe will not only work with your staff to find the best AED for your campus, we’ll deliver a comprehensive placement, training, and tracking package at no additional charge. Stress from an event can affect children, like adults, in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 25 but emergency preparedness education may mitigate the onset or the severity of the disorder.

Before the next earthquake, get together with your family or housemates to plan now what each person will do before, during and after. There are currently many efforts at the national, state, and local (city and county) levels to increase awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness.
To increase preparedness of individuals and families, LA County should explore the practical solution of incorporating emergency preparedness and response curricula into K-8 public education.
48 In addition, while the United States operates ad hoc education programs, other countries have incorporated emergency preparedness in their national curricula. 75 The state of California requires most traditional-track schools to have 175 days of instruction per year. It is known for organizing the first annual and largest-ever earthquake drill at the time, the Great Southern California ShakeOut in 2008.
According to the program, “Totally Unprepared uses social media, video, and mobile applications to increase pervasiveness of earthquake preparedness issues.” 62 Cal EMA also sponsors California’s Earthquake Preparedness Month in April, and operates the “My Hazards” website, which allows citizens to assess their risk according to their location.
Further, they found that “particularly important predictors of home based preparedness activity” include “the providing of emergency management focused information, involvement in multiple programs, and, significantly, an increased frequency of interactions between children and caregivers about what children learned in these programs.” In addition, the authors find an emergency management-focused curriculum, as opposed to one based on the science of risks or hazards, to be most useful. She spent a year as a Capital Fellow at the California Emergency Management Agency in 2011 and is now pursuing her MPA and Homeland Security and Public Policy Certificate while doing research at the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events.
67 The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) program is also school-based. This means that taking steps to prepare for an earthquake would also increase preparedness for other types of emergencies. If students were taught emergency preparedness in schools via required curricula, the goal of “information received” would be greatly enhanced in the county.
Furthermore, “the curriculum is non-sequential, allowing organizers to choose the lesson plans that best fit into their topics of interest.” 84 This means that where specialized state and district curricula differ from national general standards, catering to the more specific standards will not disrupt students’ learning. The citizens and families of LA County are unprepared for a disaster or emergency, and this makes them and the entire LA region more vulnerable. This handbook provides information about the threat posed by earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay region and explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from these inevitable events.

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