USA residents think that we are safe and prepared for a natural disasters in our community, and we think that organizations like FEMA and American Red Cross have the enough experience to control the worst escenarios with resources and tecnology to protect our city of natural disasters like Sandy and Katrina, the fact is that even with all that experience and resources, always is out of control with something unexpective. Remember to be prepared during a disaster is not only packing food, water and survivor kit. If you think for a moment, today we should have the enogh experience to avoid natural disasters like New Orlands (Katrina) New York (Sandy's Storm). PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU GET THE BENEFITS OF VISIT A FANTASTIC INFORMATION ABOUT PREPAREDNESS SOLUTION.

Of course in any type of disaster scenario not only will there be the potential of cuts and scrapes; but bumps and bruises as well. With all the items contained in this kit there are an awful lot of items I have chosen to omit for one reason or another. If for no other reason to send acclodasic kudos to your musing instructable, I'd like to let you know that this is one heckuva first aid kit. We have to understand that we are the solution, we have to being prepared with education, practice, family and community disaster plans, all togheter, all units.

But today when we turn on the TV and watch the news we live with fraid and we expect to know everything about preparedness, stop for a moment and ask yourself one more time.
Just think for a moment, in every single natural disaster thousend of people die for consecuenies of natural disaster and even with experience and technology we have human loss.

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