The Philippines, due to its location along the Ring of Fire, or typhoon belt, is prone to natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.
One lesson we can immediately learn from the devastating earthquake in Japan of March 11, 2011 about how to survive an earthquake is that you should be prepared with some basic supplies in an earthquake survival kit to have on hand when an earthquake hits.
In order to survive an earthquake you should put together an earthquake survival kit in a backpack or bag of supplies that you can get to in a moments notice in an emergency situation that will contain an emergency supply of these vital needs in it. If you or any member of your household takes any prescription or over-the-counter medications on a daily basis, you should include a 3-5 day supply of these medications in your earthquake survival kit. This is a photo of one of the many pre-made commercial earthquake survival kits that are for sale at many online vendors.
They both agree that these 3 components of disaster preparation can help ensure survival for you and your family, and strongly encourage every household to always have on hand a minimum of 3 days worth of non-perishable food and water supplies. As advised by Red Cross, it is also important to prepare a kit for each member of your family who is able to carry one. When packing food, water and medicine in the into the kits, it is advised to keep track of the expiration date. Water should be replaced every 6 months.

GOVERNMENT agencies and private companies are reactivating their emergency drills with the release by Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of its latest findings about the West Valley Fault.
Some may say that no amount of training would prepare one when disaster strikes, still it’s better than being caught unprepared. You should choose foods that are dehydrated, will last for a long time as they may be stored for a long time in your earthquake survival kit, and are easy to prepare. Your earthquake survival kit should include a tent or large tarp (or tarps) to use as a temporary shelter in case your home is destroyed. Here are some videos to help teach you to know how to build a disaster survival kit and are some things to consider for your home in case of an emergency.
Older children can prepare their own kits so as the exercise will train them to make disaster preparedness a way of life. They decided to include families of their employees in the training because in Yolanda and in other past disasters, it was shown that many of those who should be manning the public service posts were absent because they had to attend to their families.
If you take insulin or blood pressure medications, this part of your earthquake survival kit could mean the difference between life and death.

It is important to include cooking supplies in your earthquake survival kit so you can prepare the foods that you have packed.
The Philippine Red Cross has assembled a Lifeline Kit , a portable kit or bag that contains the items one would require to survive for the first 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster. CLICK HERE to Learn About More These as well as Different Types of Potential Disaster Emergencies. Founded in March 2008, VERA Files is published by veteran Filipino journalists taking a deeper look into current Philippine issues.
Romulo Foundation, Zuellig Family Foundation, and the Manila Observatory at the Manila Polo Club, said aside from training their employees how to cope in case of disaster, they are also helping them train their families. These should be thoroughly studied and understood before the actual disaster but must be kept for reference.

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