The Weekly DHMH Public Health Preparedness and Situational Awareness Report is posted at THIS ADDRESS.
FEMA Training Site  This provides links to intensive disaster training courses at locations around the country. ProMed Mail Database This is an international internet infectious disease reporting system that rapidly communicates current disease outbreak information.
Radiologic disaster prep site This is a detailed site for health care personnel for the preparation and management of all radiologic disasters. Coping with Trauma The effects of a disaster, terrorist attack, or other public health emergency can be long-lasting, and the resulting trauma can affect those not directly impacted by the disaster. My Personal DataSafe provides you the ability to enter medical and insurance information as well as upload copies of birth certificate, passports and deeds. The Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist recommends people keep copies of personal documents for disaster preparation. While these recommendations of having hard copies are valid, they can be lost or destroyed during a disaster. In preparing for a disaster people have a lot to worry about such as what they should be doing or what supplies and information they need to have available.

Disaster preparedness is a discipline which involves being prepared for a disaster before it occurs. The information found in the General Disaster Preparedness section of this site is recommended as the first source of information for any business looking to better prepare for disaster. However, you may be interested in the information on a specific threat and its unique characteristics, consequences and preparedness guidelines. Recent history has shown us the price that businesses pay when they are unprepared for disasters. No matter what the threat may be, there are general principles that apply to preventing, preparing for, and recovering from every kind of natural disaster.
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has created a web site with links to multiple sources of information useful for businesses in development of emergency plans.
CDC’s “Coping with a Disaster or Traumatic Event” lists resources that provide general strategies for promoting mental health and resilience. My Personal DataSafe takes disaster preparedness to a new level by allowing subscribers to enter and upload personal information to be stored and available online in a state of the art, encrypted site with the ability to share the information with family, friends and professional advisors. My Personal DataSafe provides peace of mind knowing that they will be able to access their critical information when they need it.

Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a variety of loan programs to assist businesses in mitigation as well as disaster recovery efforts.
It is also important that government agencies, nonprofits and business work together to be well-prepared for disasters. Individuals and businesses should make disaster plans, build disaster kits, and get involved in disaster preparations, because vital services may not be restored for at least 72 hours in a major disaster.
Learn more about the SBA Mitigation Loan Program or visit the SBA’s Disaster Recovery website. MedChi should promote enrollment in the MPVC and educational opportunities in disaster preparedness in its publications and at its Annual Meeting. MedChi should study the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Act, compare it to current law, and make recommendations for additional liability protections for physicians who provide care during disasters.

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