If you already know your item #'s simply enter them below along with the quantity desired and add them to your cart for a speedy check-out. Module Description: This module discusses the role of the school nurse in emergencies, crisis and disasters. This School Nurse Plan and Record Notebook is intended to help organize, simplify record keeping, utilize nursing notes and help share with parents and school staff pertinent information. The core content prepares and trains school nurses for traumatic and medical emergencies in the school setting. The module concludes with a diabetic school emergency scenario to demonstrate the effectiveness of school nurse and EMS continuum of care. This module will teach and demonstrate the proper techniques for stabilizing the cervical spine and maintaining an airway.

The anatomy of alignment concludes this module and leads to Module 8 that discusses the proper techniques for spinal immobilization.
This book gives guidelines to help prepare your own plan of action in the event of a catastrophic event. Module Description: The Scenario Series are exciting modules that put all the instruction learned from the previous modules into practice in simulated school emergency scenarios. Most disasters occur with little warning, and the degree of disaster preparation directly affects the outcome of the disaster. She delves into identifying the scope of your nursing practice and assessing your school and community.
A well conceived and administered school emergency response plan will enhance the preparedness of the entire educational team.

The scenario format follows a timeline in the event and prompts you to recall the steps for emergency Scene Survey, Primary Survey and Secondary Survey.
School districts have the responsibility to their respective school communities to be prepared in the event of a disaster. In an emergency or disaster, planned action is required to protect lives from the effects of the unexpected event (Doyle, 2011).

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