The SBFSC together with the community will work toward building a program of public outreach and volunteerism that will increase fire safety awareness, emergency preparedness, and education of creating a defensible space in the wildland urban interface areas of San Benito County. If you are interested in volunteering and working with us to meet our goals for this grant, please contact us. The Second generation Go-Kit on the left is using the plastic cutting board for the top panel.
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San Benito County Community Wildfire Protection PlanA grant funded project that identifies high fire hazard risk areas as well ideas for potential projects intended to mitigate such risk.
Prepare for Your Next Emergency – A prepared organization responds easily to emergencies and restores services quickly, with minimal impact to customers. If lack of a sprinkler system means your building would burn to the ground while waiting for a fire truck, getting a sprinkler system mitigates that risk and gives you some control. Join our tradeshow email list for updates on sponsorship opportunities and upcoming exhibitor deadlines.

With decades of utility experience, EPP’s associates are well-equipped to help your organization with all elements of its emergency preparedness efforts.

Disaster prep 101 free download
Emergency alert system sound download
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