One of the key elements in disaster preparedness is the selection, storage and maintenance of essential supplies. Our experienced staff will survey your facility and customize a logistics and equipment plan to meet your organization's needs.
Pin ItIf you happen to be an outdoor enthusiasts with the latest gear for camping wild for a couple of weeks or a tools and tech guru who considers LED flashlights, generators and water filtration systems must-have items you’re probably ahead of the game when it comes to having the right equipment, tools and skills in the event of a disaster.

Contact our disaster management representative in Bakersfield, California, to order disaster kits and school disaster supplies, such as ICS Command Station Unit and emergency response kits.
If not, don’t worry, follow these tips from Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula Health Services, and Jim Schweikhard, regional health and safety manager, to help you assemble essential items to be ready if a disaster strikes.

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