The Local Government Unit thru the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council has lined up activities in observance of July as Disaster Consciousness Month. Last July 25 in time for Arbor Day, the observance of the Disaster Consciousness Month had an early kick-off. Information on disaster preparedness and risk reduction are being disseminated on air as well as risk hazards faced by the municipality in accordance with the report of the PHILVOLCS or the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.
To mark the annual National Disaster Consciousness Month, CARE Nederland and its strategic partners in the Philippines[1] carried out in July month-long DRR activities in 36 schools located in high-risk villages across the country.
While a few school heads needed the intervention (through memoranda) of higher education authorities, most school heads and teachers gladly welcomed the DRR activities. Lack of DRR capacity of teachers, location of schools in high-risk areas, and limited participation of school authorities at the subnational level were the key challenges encountered in the course of implementing the month-long activities.
In simple terms, OCHA’s preparedness activities are aimed at creating favourable conditions for a successful emergency response. OCHA also promotes inter-agency efforts to strengthen governments’ capacity to better respond to disasters.
The benefits of strengthening disaster preparedness are cost effectiveness and the delivery of effective humanitarian response.

As climate change and emerging humanitarian trends will exacerbate the risk of disasters, there is an increasing need for national emergency preparedness. Emergency preparedness requires long-term, comprehensive engagement in the framework of disaster risk reduction (DRR). The need for adequate emergency preparedness systems, and the importance of applying a multi-hazard approach, will continue to grow as global threats such as urbanization, food insecurity and climate change become increasingly important drivers of humanitarian need. Educating the next generation is key to saving lives and ensuring the disaster risk reduction measures are sustainable. Abrenilla is enjoing the public to be involved and cooperate in all disaster preparedness activities initiated by the LGU and MDRRMC. The teachers are trained on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction that incorporates Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Management and Restoration. The group aims to strengthen and promote inter-agency preparedness, contingency planning and early warning processes across the Inter-Agency Standing Committee. DRR activities include strengthening early warning and preparedness, and mobilizing and coordinating international disaster assistance. The National Red Cross Societies in the region have been working for many years with at-risk communities in order to strengthen their resilience against these disasters.

Sa Pagsugpo ng Panganib May Maitutulong Ka”, the activities are designed for pre-disaster preparedness.
By the end of July, a total  6,776 students and 364 teachers have increased their awareness about disasters and have acquired basic emergency preparedness skills such as school contingency planning and conducting evacuation drills. SUBU is an 18-month project supported by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department’s disaster preparedness programme (DIPECHO).
Priority Five of the Hyogo Framework for Action highlights the essential role of disaster preparedness in saving lives and livelihoods, particularly when integrated into an overall DRR approach. These are some of the preparedness and risk reduction activities by the Red Cross to help make their communities safer and stronger. The school activities were capped by evacuation drills which served to create increased awareness among students and teachers about the school contingency plan, which includes the school evacuation plan, and to test the effectiveness of the plans.

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