With the improved performance of government, private sector and non-government organizations in preparation for super typhoon Ruby, a lawmaker wants to institutionalize best practices and effective tools to ensure readiness for future calamities and disasters. In his Senate Resolution 1063, Senator Bam Aquino stressed the need to assess the impact of government’s actions to determine best practices and effective tools used in the disaster risk and reduction programs of local government units (LGUs).
The inquiry will look into the enhanced inter-agency coordination mechanisms of the national government and the pro-active response of LGUs and private sector on disaster preparedness and mitigation in the country. Recent history has shown us the price that businesses pay when they are unprepared for disasters.

No matter what the threat may be, there are general principles that apply to preventing, preparing for, and recovering from every kind of natural disaster. It is also important that government agencies, nonprofits and business work together to be well-prepared for disasters. The information found in the General Disaster Preparedness section of this site is recommended as the first source of information for any business looking to better prepare for disaster.
Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a variety of loan programs to assist businesses in mitigation as well as disaster recovery efforts.

Individuals and businesses should make disaster plans, build disaster kits, and get involved in disaster preparations, because vital services may not be restored for at least 72 hours in a major disaster. Learn more about the SBA Mitigation Loan Program or visit the SBA’s Disaster Recovery website.

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