Printer-friendly versionEmail this CRN articleBill Luketich of Restech Information Services burst through the doors of the First Emmanual Baptist Church in New Orleans on a recent Sundaymorning as part of a surprise.
With an eye toward the future, New Orleans solution providers are focused on selling more comprehensive backup and security solutions that will enable their customers to operate from anywhere.
Bill Long, president of Integrated Network Systems, New Orleans, said that Katrina should have taught everyone a lesson. Exclusive: New Cisco Channel Chief Talks Partner Incentives, Dell-EMC And How Apple Fits In The Cisco ChannelCisco channel chief Wendy Bahr discusses her quest for simplification, the EMC-Dell acquisition and a number of updates to Cisco's partner programs.
CRN is at Dell World 2015 to bring partners up-to-the-minute news and analysis of the event, which runs from Oct.
But, remarkably, there are hints that end users still don&'t comprehend true IT disaster-recovery protection. Hurricane Katrina survivors arrive at the Houston Astrodome Red Cross Shelter after being evacuated from New Orleans. Beverly Magda, Associate Dean of TM, was more critical of the pace of progress made since Katrina, saying the nation’s communications infrastructure is still not adequate for responding to large-scale disasters.
New Orleans, a city that is no stranger to natural disasters, provides a setting where much can be learned about effective preparation, response, unintended consequences and restoration to normal life after a cataclysmic natural event.

Understand a disaster cycle and its relationship to existing doctrine as it relates to natural disasters. Identify the implications of underlying community conditions on risk communication throughout the disaster cycle.
It&'s been six months since Katrina struck, and solution providers throughout the region are still learning to help customers in many new ways. The levees are not fully repaired and many New Orleanians are counting down to the start of this year&'s hurricane season, less than 100 days away. Long is finding that his customers are generally receptive to his disaster-recovery offerings. The church had been chosen for ABC&'s “Extreme Home Makeover” television show, and the solution provider was there with his customer, the contractor, and the TV crew as it broke the news to the assembled parishioners.
Leaders of these programs said there have been encouraging developments in their respective fields as well as continuing concerns regarding response efforts to disasters such as Katrina.
Check out the attractions and events in New Orleans for things to do while visiting the City of Jazz. Mont Echols, senior vice president of solutions at Louisiana Technology Group, another New Orleans solution provider, said there has been a lack of leadership at all governmental levels.

The ongoing progress in rebuilding New Orleans has never truly left the national spotlight.
Frustrated with a perceived lack of help from city, state and federal governments, they have forged new partnerships to find success.
This means non-federal entities can aid in emergency management before, during, and after a disaster strikes.
The Sheraton New Orleans, home of several CMP Media XChange events in previous years, is festooned with the familiar purple, green and gold of the season, even though it is surrounded by several empty storefronts, some still with broken windows caused by looters. In the chaos immediately following Katrina, Luketich told CRN that he would leave New Orleans for good.

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