To provide planning, training, resources, response, warning, coordination and information through communications to the public, elected officials and public safety agencies to assist them in preparing for, responding to and mitigating emergencies and disasters which affect the residents of Broome County. Disaster Preparedness - conducts hazard vulnerability studies, provides Disaster Planning and preparedness for response and recovery. With a large and diverse portfolio of oil and natural gas resources, Anadarko provides the energy to fuel modern life all over the world.
Anadarko is a premier independent global explorer and producer delivering sustained growth through a strong commercial focus.
The Anadarko team consists of talented individuals who set ambitious goals and take disciplined risks to achieve them. All over the world, Anadarko employees are committed to producing vital energy resources in a responsible, sustainable manner. Get the latest company updates, news, events and other important information from Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.
Gain key insights into the global energy industry and learn how Anadarko is helping to further energy education worldwide. This team is comprised of more than 800 trained personnel across all regions and disciplines.

The first step in ensuring emergency preparedness is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential hazards that could hinder or stop operations. Once the risks have been ascertained, proactive response actions are identified and recorded in the Facility Emergency Response Plan or the Regional Contingency Plan. Anadarko operates within a tiered response framework, consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
Incident Management Team (IMT): Provides response operations outside the capabilities of the ERT. Incident Support Team (IST): Oversees all actions that need to take place away from the scene and are not available locally, to support the IMT, facilitate planning and provide additional media and Human Resources coordination and additional support to address the concerns of the company, the public and government agencies.
Crisis Management Team (CMT): Manages crisis-related issues at the Anadarko Executive level. Planning for major emergencies and disasters requires an integrated approach to the management of programs and activities for all four emergency phases (preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation) and all types of emergencies and disasters (natural, technological, and intentional). Plans for adequate delivery of emergency medical services and coordinates mutual aid among EMS providers. The team also includes memberships in local, national and global cooperatives, mutual aid initiatives and commercial specialty contractors.

A few examples of the risks topics we evaluate include health and safety, environmental, security, medical and natural disasters.
These contingency plans utilize critical data and information from business partners and stakeholders sharing common goals or values. Our response level is determined by the complexity of the incident, the risk to personnel and the public, the impact on the environment, and the need for mobilized resources.
Exercises enable us to rehearse potential emergency situations, provide training to key staff, and verify the adequacy of emergency response activities and equipment.
Other risks may be present, depending upon the regional location and operations being conducted.
This tiered organization allows Anadarko to supplement extended duration incidents with personnel from other regions, extending the company’s ability to respond.

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