The Stop Disasters Game allows you to anticipate and mitigate the affects of 5 common natural disasters: tsunami, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake and flood. This disaster simulation game, (from the United Nations (UN) and International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)- which brings many agencies, organizations, universities and institutions together in attempts to save lives and reduce industries and destruction caused by natural hazards), enables players to experience 5 natural environmental hazards (wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and hurricanes), by understanding their risks and applying effective methods of prevention and mitigation. Each disaster scenario takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the disaster you are trying to prevent, as well as your skill level.
Image files of the disasters can be downloaded to facilitate comprehension of factors (i.e. Unclaimed World is a very challenging planet colonization game, similar to the movie Avatar, where mankind must learn to survive on an alien world.
Banished is a resource management game, developing a medieval-type town with basic resources and bartering with visiting merchant vessels. A few times disasters would change the game play and they looked good and added a variety that was nice to see like a tsunami and flood that would wash over parts of your island. The main game has some unique aspects including Russian sympathies and using the political aspects such as secret police and friendly policies with China and Russia.
The game has a lot of unique and interesting features that you can use or leave to others to work at building your city how you like. Tropico 4 Modern Times does take the base game of city building fun into the technology of tomorrow including things like solar power, fish farming and other modern buildings. The game has some easy to tell buildings and the main interface allows for easy navigation between the building aspects and being able to look at aspects of your government.
Japanese game publisher Irem cancels development of Disaster Report 4, a PlayStation 3 game in which you play a survivor in a post-earthquake Tokyo. Following last week’s killer earthquake and tsunami in Japan, game publishers have canceled and delayed several PlayStation 3 games with disaster-related themes. Irem will cease development on its PlayStation 3 game Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 (City in a Desperate Situation), the publisher said in a statement on its website Monday. The new game was originally slated to be released March 10, although development issues had already forced Irem to push its release back to later in the spring.

The cancellation of Disaster Report is a heavy blow to Irem, a small publisher with a few cult hit games.
Other publishers, including Sega and Sony, have pushed back the release dates of games with disaster-related themes that are not quite as literal. Sega has indefinitely delayed the release of its PlayStation 3 game Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of the End (Like a Dragon, known as Yakuza outside Japan), which was originally slated to ship to stores this Thursday. Your role is to plan and construct a safer environment, assess the disaster risk for the 5 environmental disaster hazards, while attempting to limit the damage when natural hazards strike.
Tropico 4 Modern Times is a great game and one of those games that I will continue to play after the review for an enjoyable and fun to pick up and play city builder. The game has a journal that gives specific economy and population statistics to help you build the appropriate resources you need to raise a particular aspect of your society. It had some really interesting ideas and mix of styles.so_hai I plan to pick this game up once i have some money, looks really good. I admit, the game starts off a bit slow but once you get the double jump ability, it opens up alot. Previous installments in the action-adventure series, which has been released outside Japan under the name Disaster Report, star a protagonist who must escape a city that has been destroyed by an earthquake, roaming through destroyed streets and buildings and rescuing survivors. It was to be the first PlayStation 3 game in the series, featuring stereoscopic 3-D graphics and support for the PlayStation Move motion controller. Slated to be released this week in Europe and in April in the United States, it is an off-road racing game set in a fictional city that is being torn up by natural disasters. Although a single player game, it can be played collaboratively in groups which encourages collaboration and discussion. The game is easy to play and simple enough to figure things out only a little searching around the interface and various icons in order to fully understand. The controls just make it so fun to play, it's definitley one of the most criminally underrated FPA (first person action) games this gen. Easily the most compelling combination of story, atmosphere, and exploration I've ever seen.meetroid8Nah, Majora's Mask beats it in that regard, but SHSM is one damn fine game.

The previous game in the series, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 for the Sony PSP, was released in 2009 and sold 62,720 copies, the publisher’s best-selling game that year.
The graphic effects were good and easily worked themselves into the gameplay to give an enjoyable aspect to the game without being corny or disruptive.
Modern Times is a new expansion pack for the game Tropico 4 which takes the Cold War to new heights in a city building simulator that is fun and engaging. I highly recommend Tropico 4 Modern Times for a fun city building simulator that is easy to pick up and play even if you have not played this type of game before. I reccomend this game to anyone looking for a game that actually deserves a "Mature" rating.
Tropico 4 is an interesting game but the Modern Times expansion pack increases the fun going into modern times including the space race and energy efficiency.
I will admit it's not for everyone.Another game that is underrated is Silent Hill Shattered Memories.
You need to have the base game of Tropico 4 to play the expansion Modern Times but once you start you will have the two campaigns from both games to play as well as other game modes. In all of these threads I see about the best story this gen, I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention this game, despite being very deep, compelling and emotional, not to mention loaded with symbolism, metaphors and psychology. You can go toward the secret police and putting down the rebellious free thinking individuals or help your citizens be those free spirits and live how they want in your gameplay. The game includes some handy helps like resource and economy overlays that show you the best places to put specific resources or where your natural resources are on and around the island.

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