A few months ago, I wrote about getting a Disaster Preparedness bag or Evacuation Kit together and have finally finished the project. This has been a hot topic of conversation today, so I thought I’d share this disaster preparedness checklist with you (again).
The new map shows evacuation zones labeled from A-F; with A representing the areas that would experience the harshest impact from severe weather, and F those that would suffer minimal damage. This workshop is aimed at giving participants the knowledge and confidence to make a huge difference during a disaster by assuming a leadership role in rescue and survival activities. All participants will receive a booklet covering the topics in the workshop as well as a step-by-step plan and what to do for during any disaster for the first three days! When you purchase a copy of the book The Art of Urban Survival on flash-drive we will include a complete library of over 160 books and manuals that will teach you how to survive just about any Emergency, Disaster or Catastrophe from three days, to three years!
Pull the roll-shoulder-3 WAY bag in hand.Built in the wide-mouth water tank easier to carry large amounts of water.

In times of disaster response in 2-3 days until the restoration of lifeline service is most important!Know what happens when you prepare in the disaster.[Emergency kit-emergency emergency bags] variety. Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has officially released the city's first updated evacuation map since 2005. Previous evacuation maps and routes were based around the areas of the projected path of hurricane or severe storm, said Duval County Emergency Management Director Steve Woodard.
There are two sizes: one is a backpack and the other is a rolling duffle bag with a retractable handle.
If you are married or have kids, you may want to have these supplies as part of your evacuation survival kit. Bags and food has been improved.Bag is more storage space than before, and more of your favorite tools you can pack.
Officials are also depending on Jacksonville’s citizens to spread the word about the new evacuation maps, and determine which evacuation zone corresponds with their residences.

Then if for any reason during the next year you are not totally thrilled with your purchase (and enjoying the peace of mind such an emergency evacuation kit gives you), then simply return the whole thing to us for a prompt refund of your money, minus shipping costs. Field test: And, for a little levity to balance all the disaster talk, we offer this piece from a reporter who tested her emergency kit by trying to live off it.
But with an Evac Pack safely stored in your car, you’d be guaranteed of having basic survival materials in case of sudden evacuation.

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