The Fire Awareness Awards 2014 has presented CPA Australia with the Recovery (Industry) Award for our disaster recovery toolkit for business.
Ideally, businesses would have a continuity plan to guide them through the initial impact of a disaster and assist business recovery.
This toolkit focuses on the business issues we believe those affected, directly and indirectly, by a disaster should consider. Gavan Ord is CPA Australia’s business policy adviser and manager of business and investment policy. If you are member affected by a natural disaster, contact CPA Australia on 1300 737 373 for personal assistance. Through the years of being such an on-call tech- support person for a variety of different skill levels and machines, Ive amassed quite a bit of gear that I keep on hand to tackle most situations. On OS X, I use a modified NTFS-3G to write to NTFS partitions, while on Windows, I use MacDrive to read and write to HFS+. For recovery software, our go-to programs are in our feature article here, and I recommend that you keep at least one of them on you. The awards are a collaborative venture between Victoria’s Country Fire Authority, the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) and Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

Memtest86+ is a RAM checker, and invaluable when youve seemingly isolated all other potential issues.
Whether its the fact that it happily reads and writes to NTFS off the bat, or just provides a secure, bootable environment where files can be rescued, this is absolutely something that must be in your toolkit.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This toolkit provides guidance to businesses impacted by a disaster – whether they have a continuity plan or not. Mike Sewell, director, Market Gap Investments, has experience assisting businesses recover from disasters. The first is Ultimate Boot CD, a collection of hardware, disk, backup, imaging and diagnostic tools, along with some DOS-like environments, to help during annoyances like firmware updates that still arent Windows friendly.
The Fire Awareness Awards recognise projects that reduce the effect of fires in Victoria and have been awarded since 1983. This exacerbates the impact of a disaster, making business recovery much more difficult than it should be.
Youll need a MSDN or Technet subscription, or a licensing deal that is generally targeted at corporations and not the average user.

A tube of thermal interface goop is good to have in case you need to reseat a heat sink, and perhaps isopropyl alcohol, to clean old stuff off.
I also find Microsofts Disaster and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) to be incredibly helpful, which is part of the Desktop Optimization pack. Following a disaster, it is anything but business as usual for you, your employees, customers, possibly your suppliers and the broader community. This guide has been prepared to assist you, as a business owner or manager, to take a considered approach to the many elements of recovery following a disaster.
For the truly paranoid, it cant hurt to have a USB drive filled with the latest hardware drivers, from the likes of Nvidia, ATI, Via, Realtek, Marvell and Intel, along with the latest Windows service packs, in case internet access is slow, or nonexistent. Each section of this toolkit contains checklists and templates to assist in the disaster recovery process for your business as well as further references that can be reviewed if required.

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