Natural disasters range from catastrophic weather events to seismic activity that triggers earthquakes and tsunamis. HurricanesHurricanes are intensely powerful storms that form in the tropics, with heavy rainfall and winds that can surpass 155 mph.
TornadoesThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that tornadoes most often form in America during spring and summer, with approximately 800 tornadoes touching ground annually.
Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Travel Tips editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Hazards present potential threats which may be natural (hurricanes or earthquakes) or man-made (industrial accidents, war, civil conflict). Disasters occur when the poor and vulnerable are unable to cope with a major hazard due to underlying social, economic, environmental or political pressures. Diagram 1 : Disaster occurrenceTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes.
A hazardous situation in a country may turn into a disaster when the affected society cannot cope by using only its own resources.
Diagram 2: Typical disaster cycleTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes.

Natural disasters, also referred to as sudden onset disasters, are emergencies caused by natural, technological and environmental calamities. The risk of natural disasters is increasing because of population growth, urbanization, and alteration disruption of the natural environment, substandard dwellings and public buildings and inadequate infrastructure maintenance.
Disaster risk relates to the chance of negative consequences when a particular hazard affects vulnerable people or locations. While certain geographic areas are particularly susceptible to specific disasters, no region on Earth is free from the risk of a cataclysmic natural event. Rotating air within a storm system can form a tornado, which extends from the thunderhead as a funnel cloud, traveling along the ground with winds inside the funnel that can reach 250 mph. Flash floods are a particularly dangerous type of flooding that typically occur during periods of prolonged and heavy rainfall. The actions and activities described below will only relate to natural disasters but the Logistics Cluster will have similar functions in technological and environmental disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency's "Read America" website advises everyone to have emergency plans tailored to their region's specific risks and to be familiar with evacuation routes. A quake may last from several seconds to a few minutes, posing its greatest threat in its ability to collapse man-made structures, with subsequent fires presenting another major hazard.

Meteorologists classify hurricanes using five numerical categories, each indicating the storm's wind speed and destructive capability, with higher numbers representing progressively powerful storms.
If you're caught within a tornado's path, seek shelter in a basement if indoors, and if your building has no underground shelter, take cover in a room with no windows. A handful of natural events occur on a somewhat regular or regular basis in the United States every year.
If and when the disaster occurs, the humanitarian sector and governments provide the necessary relief supplies and coordination in a timely manner through use of prepositioned stocks and established coordination mechanism.
Every home should have an emergency kit with essential survival items such as food, water and first-aid supplies that's easily transportable in the event of an evacuation.

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