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Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) messages need to be longer, URLs should be included, message order must be changed and more outreach is needed, according to a new study conducted for the U.S. Denis Gusty, a program manager with DHS S&T, said he was not surprised by any of the research findings, but hopes stakeholders will read the report and make adjustments where appropriate by putting the information into practice. Wimberly is president of Galain Solutions Inc., a consultancy with a specialty in emergency alerts and warnings.
A new national Amber Alert system officially rolled out earlier this month to millions of cellphones, and because the alerts are automatically active on most newer phones, the messages have already taken tens of thousands of people by surprise. The newly-expanded emergency alert system is an effort by FEMA to update the way it reaches people with new technologies, but local officials and others worry that the lack of public education and some initial stumbles may undermine the program's purpose, especially when people are startled and annoyed and choose to opt out. Dozens of people have similarly taken to Facebook and Twitter to comment on being startled awake, scared by their phone's activity, and frustrated by the lack of information. FEMA officials said they are aware of the confusion the Amber Alerts have caused and are working with the U.S. The federal agency requires people sending the alerts to be trained and to ensure that the alerts meet specific criteria. The organization activates the messages seen on billboards and now cellphones once officials tell them an Amber Alert is necessary.
So far, 19 Amber Alerts have been issued under this new system in 14 states including Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Arizona, according to figures kept by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. While no Amber Alert has been issued in California under the new system, authorities say it's only a matter of time and people need to know it's going to happen.

Ferrero said he's seen the stir caused by the alerts when they caught people off guard in Florida and Texas, where four have already been issued. Timothy Griffin, a professor of criminal justice at University of Nevada, Reno has studied Amber Alerts for the last eight years.
According to Todd Krause, the weather-warning coordinator at the National Weather Service’s Chanhassen office, the WEA alert system tracks cellphone users wherever they go in order to deliver region-specific warnings.
While users can opt out of receiving extreme weather alerts and Amber alerts, messages sent from the president will be mandatory, and will even have their own distinctive ring tone. Russian Jets Confront Israeli Aircraft See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.Gov't Insider Reveals Decades Of Bush Family Lies See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel. DHS boss Napolitano said the new system would permeate social networks like Facebook and Twitter and allow the government to interrupt cell phone service to announce the next attack by al-Qaeda. Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.UN to Censor the Internet to Save Feminists' Feelings See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hoping that soon your cell phone will sniff out poisonous gases. If the lenses spot a color that is related to poison, they will trigger an alert system on the cell phone. Local and state emergency management and public safety officials may need to understand that they would need to craft WEA messages for both older and newer phones, he added.
He also writes the Alerts & Notifications blog for Emergency Management, which covers best practices for emergency notification programs. And because her cellphone has a New Jersey number, she wasn't sure exactly where the alert originated. But officials are still working on trying to determine whether an alert should be sent out in the middle of the night, what information to provide, and how best to use the system, Penn said.
Since the program's inception in 1996, Hoever said Amber Alerts have helped officials safely return at least 602 children.

He said FEMA needs to tell the public about the system, and has sent in suggestions to improve the program such as providing people with details like the license plate or where the abduction occurred. Kevin Coffey trained local law enforcement officers on the alerts last week and found most were surprised by the new reach they already have.
He said he favors an Amber Alert system that's more targeted, but his research also questions whether the system's effectiveness has been oversold.
Since almost everyone who is active in public life now has a cellphone and carries it at all times, such a tracking system is barely much different from having an implanted microchip that constantly beams out your location. A team at the University of California, San Diego has developed a cell-phone chip that can detect poisonous gases. Users will be charged for the text messages according to their individual cell phone plans and once the alert is over, user information will be deleted from the system, officials promise. If poisonous gas molecule such as sarin enters the hole, it displaces the air inside it, and causes the color that the hole reflects to change.Tiny lenses affixed to a cell phone's camera can be used to monitor these color changes. In volume that would drop to approximately a few cents, but cell phone companies are always fighting for lower price points.
A high-pitched tone sounded in spurts for about 10 seconds while her phone buzzed multiple times. The prototypes will focus on building a network system that would piggyback on networks that emergency response services already use.

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