The DHS Information Security Office (ISO) Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring information systems supporting the DHS mission are secure and compliant with Federal security requirements. Engility continues to provide ISO with a wide array of information security services, including support for the implementation of the annual DHS Information Security Performance Plan and achievement of compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Maintaining the security of cyberspace is a shared responsibility in which each of us plays a critical role. Engility is also assisting ISO in improving the DHS information assurance (IA) database so that it provides more and better metrics that report on the effectiveness and efficiency of DHS information security programs. Use a flash or zip drive to back up any important files or information you may have on your computer. Hackers can find that information and use it to access your information on many other sites.

Awareness of computer security essentials will improve the security of Indiana’s information infrastructure and economy. Configure your anti-virus program to perform a full scan every week, and ensure the “automatic update” settings are configured to keep the program up-to-date and working correctly. Engility uses this website as a channel of distribution of material company information.Financial and other material regarding Engility is routinely posted on this website for immediate access.
ISO needed operational support for the compliance and oversight of the implementation of DHS information security policy across all 22 DHS component organizations and 600+ systems.
By taking a few simple steps, individuals and organizations can help ensure their safety and security, and protect important information like financial documents, health records, photos, and more.
When information coming into or going out of your computer does not meet the “safety rules,” the firewall blocks that information to prevent the transfer of any dangerous or harmful material.

Without checking the program’s privacy settings, others may be able to gain access to information on your hard drive such as tax information, emails, photos, and other personal documents. Engility is responsible for conducting certification and accreditation (C&A) document reviews and technical reviews of critical controls, as well as reviews of information security programs within Department agencies.
In addition, Engility personnel maintain the DHS FISMA inventory, provide technical subject matter expertise to assist in developing and managing the implementation of remediation plans of action and milestones (POA&Ms) in response to audit findings of weaknesses, and provide training to information security personnel across the Department.
Deep dives are an in-depth assessment of the technical, operational, and managerial requirements that encompass the entirety of the security posture of a system.

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