If evacuation is appropriate, listen for the message indicating direction to proceed and signs to follow. If you leave your vehicle, make sure it is secure and not parked on an Emergency Evacuation Route.
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, between Rock Creek Park and the US Capitol is the dividing line for egress routes if directions are given to evacuate the DC Central Business District.
None of the evacuation routes cross and no vehicles will be permitted to cross the Pennsylvania Avenue dividing line during an emergency evacuation.
Critical intersections on the emergency evacuation routes within Washington, DC will be staffed by uniformed law enforcement officers to expedite vehicle and pedestrian traffic. All of the evacuation routes radiate out of the city and feed into the beltway (1-495 loop), allowing motorists to access all points north, south, east and west. Evacuation routes may be used as ingress routes to bring people into DC should the evacuation of a jurisdiction in the Washington Metropolitan Region become necessary. Pick a friend or relative that all family members can call if separat ed (consider an out-of-state point of contact as it may be easier to call out of state during an emergency than in the local area). The District of Columbia has a Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) station (1650 AM) to provide motorists with information regarding incidents and or emergencies in the DC area.
The EAS permits local government offi cials to broadcast timely information and instructions in case of possible or actual local emergencies.
The maps and visualizations represented in this case study are a representative sample of the methodologies employed to explore the spatial, temporal, and experiential dimensions of the evacuations of more than 57,000 Jewish and non-Jewish inmates from the Auschwitz camp system between January 17 and January 25, 1945 (see Image 1: Population of Concentration Camps). The deaths that occurred en route from fatigue, hypothermia, and shooting for failing to maintain the pace undoubtedly increased the level of terror experienced by the evacuees but also caused them to adopt survival strategies that would increase their chances of staying alive. There's no reason not to lift the HOV restriction in the event of an actual emergency evacuation.
The local DOT's already have the road situation figured out, which ones become one way evac routes, which ones lose HOV ROW (which is smart by the way, it increases the total volume of people able to leave a given area). I have a hard time imagining people following a set of centralized rules in an emergency, whether it's about what time to go home, or how, or who to carpool with.
And, what this post brings up is people ALSO need to plan, not just for evacuating the building, but evacuating downtown. For the few instances of an emergency where downtown will be less safe than people's homes, I hope Metro does have some sort of contingency plan.

I think it's impractical and certainly poor politics to use police officers to enforce HOV restrictions during an emergency or a panic. If they thought their kid was safe, maybe they would have been more comfortable waiting for an orderly evacuation. If anything, the needs of evacuation are another reason to strongly discourage automobile commuting in the first place. In a serious evacuation emergency, all roads should be turned outbound only, busses (only) should be allowed to use shoulders and every one available should be mobilized, HOV regulations should be enhanced, trains should be employed in an outbound-intense manner, and neighboring city's bus systems should be mobilized to move people further from the epicenter. I should also note that a number of my coworkers failed to grab basic necessities, like purses, wallets, and smartrip cards before evacuating the building. Event conditions in an evacuation may also require identified evacuation routes to become dedicated ingress routes. A geo-political parameter is evident in the planning and spatial supervision of the evacuations. Dial 511 for evacuation information, or if you are disabled call 211 or the Easter Seals at 1-800-221-6827. I know its not fiscally sound to keep twice as many conductors in a room waiting to jump in a train in case of an emergency, but this isn't that hard.
Because if it takes longer for a train to run its route, you need more trains to keep the same headway. At the very least people can use them to walk out if needed in the case of a more serious emergency especially at areas like bridges. It's not like the police are going to enforce those restrictions during an emergency anyway. Every serious effort to move large numbers of people during a crisis, from hurricane evacuation plans to military operations, accounts for needing more staff to direct traffic. Evacuation routes are also identified by street name signs, which include the red and white District flag.
The better plan is for workplaces to established emergency supplies so that employees can shelter in place for extended periods of time and slowly release population from the city center.
Perhaps DC should have thousands of emergency bikes stored in basements along with the crackers. The federal government can have a role in encouraging people to prearrange, in advance, who they will get an emergency ride home with if need be.

The only part of the evacuation that mostly worked was the unwritten part, that is, "when you leave, be ready to go straight home, grab all your stuff first." A couple people I know did get stuck till nine, which had to be awful. The evacuations ceased two days before the camp system was liberated by Soviet forces on January 27, 1945. Best thing in an emergency is keep everyone off the infrastructure until the danger has passed and it is declared safe.
The take away I got from that training was how to prepare an evacuation bag and don't have candles in the house. In which case, it seems to me too much to expect of the trained professional emergency-managers to send out e-mails to shelter in place before the end of a 15-30 second earthquake. Although there was a planned evacuation path, the paths that eventuated over the course of the first two days were entirely different (see Image 2: Camp Evacuation Routes).
In the event of a more significant emergency, the impact on transportation systems would have been even greater than what we saw. Perhaps the emergency planning needs to take into account a range of occurance types with responses that fit the need, rather than one solution fits all.
But it was comparable in terms of total traffic gridlock for several hours and the clear inability of the Feds, city, and surrounding counties to have a comprehensive evacuation plan that can be activated until at least a few hours after an emergency has occurred.
This is what happened on Tuesday, we didn'thave an evacuation, we had an early rush hour. The routes eventually taken were in constant flux as the disintegrating and chaotic Nazi command structure desperately tried to avoid the rapidly advancing Soviet forces in the region. Walking initially on foot and then transported by train to Germany from the regional centers of Gliwice and Wodzislaw, the routes of the inmates were a direct reflection of the chaotic command and brutal administration of camp guards and SS regional leaders in determining the least hostile landscapes and civilian areas to transport the inmates. Therefore, we should not be surprised by this; emergency planning needs to acknowledge this possibility, and not assume folks will hang out in some non-home, non-office limbo.
But it means we need to think about evacuations another way. We also need to think about when evacuations are necessary.

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