Business Continuity is a proactive collaboration between business executives and technology professionals designed to ensure that mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. To prevent downtime and data loss, businesses of all sizes require data backup and a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. For more information on how ECC IT Solutions can protect your critical business systems, applications and data, give us a call or fill out the form below for a complimentary IT Needs Assessment.
Developed with the backing of nearly two decades of  IT consulting experience, iCorps' Guardian is implemented by our team of expert IT consultants. Guardian, a complete and affordable data backup and disaster recovery solution prepares you for disaster survival with tiered resilience. Guardian ensures redundant levels of protection including local backups and recovery through onsite image-based backups to a Guardian appliance and business continuity through backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. Guardian’s automatic, ongoing critical measurement and testing techniques continuously validate that your backups work and they can be verified – confirming that your business is prepared at all times for quick and successful recovery from any type of disaster.
While it’s an important part of your survival plan, data backup alone does not ensure business continuity. Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution.
The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution provides robust and cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for your critical data assets. The DR Option for Amanda Enterprise supports all platforms and applications backed up by Amanda Enterprise: filesystem data on systems running Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X as well as application and database data residing in MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres.

Leverage our Expertise: Zmanda Professional Services engineers have extensive experience creating backup strategies across all supported system types, storage devices, and operating systems.
Affordable: The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution is available as an annual subscription that includes implementation, through secured remote shell, by Zmanda Professional Services. Imagine losing financial, sales, delivery, audit, and other critical data that keeps your business functioning. We ensure your data is safe and accessible to you and your company via our data backup disaster recovery plan. At IntegrIT Network Solutions, we will work with you in defining a data backup disaster recovery plan to protect your data.
No matter the disaster’s scope, we can recover your organization’s data quickly and easily.
For small businesses that are completely dependent on their IT systems and that cannot afford to have any downtime or missed revenues, we highly recommend our Dream and Deep Sleep plans. The information technology (IT) disaster recovery plan may include data backup, remote and off-site data storage, server maintenance and data recovery services.
This includes networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, data and connectivity. The technology professionals at ECC IT Solutions can help you better prepare for planned and unplanned disruptions through more proactive data backup, enhanced security and a well-designed disaster recovery plan.
Intelligent Business Continuity goes beyond data protection to deliver automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage and instant recovery.

You need to know that you can run your business during – and immediately after – a disaster, even if your building is no longer standing. In the event of a disaster that damages or destroys your office – such as a fire or flood – emergency standby silos can have your employees up and running in as few as 24 hours with secure, virtual access to business data and applications from any Internet connection.
Then we will help you to implement the recommended backup and recovery mechanisms, so that any data lost during power outages, system crashes or other disasters is always covered with a backup.
You can count on our Rest Assured™ data protection solutions when it comes to file restoration or even handling a complete server failure. In addition, we also offer disaster recovery planning, including testing and implementation services to ensure business continuity. These two plans embody our proactive approach towards computer and network maintenance so that all issues are timely and effectively handled and are prevented from escalating into bigger problems. We stand out from the competition in that our managed IT plans provide proactive service, meaning our objective is to prevent system failures.

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