In some cases, we’re not even talking about countries, but merely terrorist groups which can only produce one small nuclear device.
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) evaluates all aspects of our country’s infrastructure every four years and creates a national report card.
An EMP’s three stage attack will utterly destroy any part of the grid that is within line of sight of the explosion.
If it goes off over Washington, DC, which would make more sense, it could take out the grid for everyone living east of the Mississippi River. I call it a three stage attack, because one nuclear blast above the atmosphere actually produces three pulses of energy to attack the grid.
A key element of any EMP attack is that the explosion must happen above the atmosphere, so that all of the explosion’s power can remain as electromagnetic energy, instead of being converted to a shock wave. About the only electronic devices which wouldn’t be destroyed would be simple devices (like electronics with very short conductor lengths), if they are turned off and unplugged when EMP strikes.
The effects of the EMP would decimate our society’s ability to function at all levels; industry, commerce, education and the government. While the government has been giving the effects of an EMP attack considerable study, they have not yet begun to implement the necessary changes which would allow us to live through the EMP with minimal impact upon the government, let alone society. One serious concern is that if the recovery couldn’t be accomplished fast enough, or it might never happen.
Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. You say, "An EMP’s three stage attack will utterly destroy any part of the grid that is within line of sight of the explosion." Please support that assertion.
In my opinion, Dr Peter Vincent Pry is one of the best qualified experts on the subject and certainly one of the loudest voices calling for EMP preparedness at all levels. Whether an EMP comes from a high altitude nuclear explosion or as a result from a massive corona mass ejection makes little difference: Depending on how powerful the event might be, the effects would be the same.
In the early nuclear tests, scientists understood that "radio flash" (what the British first called EMP) would result from nuclear detonations regardless of altitude and it behaved as they expected at low altitudes.
There is now a sequel to One Second After called One Year After that just came out a couple weeks ago. I agree, if they did use an EMP bomb on us, our retaliation on them would be total devastation and they know it.
It has been well established by military experts, congressionally-commissioned studies, and intelligence reports, that an attack on our country by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is as close to an inevitability as any possible mode of attack. The reports by these experts are very clear in their predictions of the scope of destruction in the aftermath of an EMP attack. It is projected that resumption of the power supply couldn’t even start for several months to a year. What the reports don’t describe (and this is the crux of the whole matter for us) is the cold, dark world of survival facing a population of 350,000,000 starving citizens.
Even the most ardent The End of the World As We Know It TEOTWAWKI preppers may be ill-prepared for the EMP aftermath. Assuming that the chance of survival for non-preppers is slim to none, there are steps that can be taken ahead of time that can improve survivability for resourceful preppers.

Some would consider a quick death by the direct hit of an incinerating, nuclear bomb blast to be more preferable and, ironically, more humane than living in the aftermath of the more sinister EMP blast.
However, and some of the engineers out there can correct me, if your equipment is not hooked up to electricity it will or may survive.
The real bad thing is that most EMP events are the preemptory event of a Nuclear explosion.
An EMP is transmitted through air; any and ALL items with a PN junction will be fused, if not protected by a Faraday cage.
Thanks Halmic, even though I work with this stuff the engineers explanation is indepth, scary, and serious and of course doesn’t even get into the Nuke effects and ionizing the Van Allen belts etc. Speaking of Faraday cages…if you need a very big one, consider using a pool, river, lake or ocean, after waterproffing of course. Expert testimony before Congress on Thursday warned that an electromagnetic pulse attack on our power grid and electronic infrastructure could leave most Americans dead and the U.S.
That dire warning came from Peter Vincent Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. He testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event could wipe out 90% of America’s population. Most people’s eyes might glaze over upon mention of the committee name, the title of the hearing — “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Threat to Critical Infrastructure” — and the general subject of EMP. As we reported early last year, Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst, believes that North Korea’s recent seemingly low-yield nuclear tests and launch of a low-orbit satellite may in fact be preparations for a future electromagnetic pulse attack.
As the Heritage Foundation has reported, an EMP attack with a warhead detonated 25 to 300 miles above the U.S. As the calculus of nuclear warfare has changed, our biggest risks are no longer thousands of missiles hurled across the ocean, but rather one or two select weapons, designed to create the most effective attack possible.
No longer are we trying to stare down the now defunct Soviet Union, but facing off against poorer countries who have a severely limited nuclear arsenal to use. If that explosion happens to be high enough over the central part of the country, it will wipe out the grid for all but the eastern and western seaboards.
Parts of the grid which may survive the first pulse will be weakened by it and could then easily be destroyed by the next pulse. If the explosion happens in the atmosphere, the force of the explosion will be converted, vastly reducing the EMP produced.
Scientists have successfully launched balloons which reach 120,000 feet, well into the stratosphere, which puts them about the minimum necessary altitude for an EMP blast.
It would be as if the country was instantly thrown back 100 years, without any time to prepare to live in that way. Of course, the damage may make it take even longer than that, as the companies which would need to build the equipment may not be open for business. Additionally, the EMP threat is simply a different version of the neutron bomb (as it was called). He has authored a couple of books on EMP and how politicians and utilities companies are fighting EMP preparedness out of greed and ignorance.
The long conductor parallel to the earth's magnetic field acted as an antenna, conducting the E3 component of the EMP resulting from the detonation.

The huge transformers aren't made in this country anymore, and we don't keep back-ups on-hand. Also a good book which takes a look at what our country might be like as we try to get back on our feet. While your electronics will certainly be better off in you gun safe than they would on you roof, the safe will not seal out all the damage from the EMP. It is also the consensus of all that an EMP burst centered 250 miles over the center of our country would virtually destroy the power infrastructure, knocking the USA back to the pre-electrical age.  The dirty little secret is that most EMP aftermath assessments, propagated by these experts, project a population survival rate of between 10% and 20%.
Unless there is at least a two to three year supply of provisions stockpiled into a well-equipped doomsday bunker, 35 feet below the surface, chances of survival are greatly diminished. The cost and effort required for creating absolute invulnerability is prohibitive for most, however, each step can take survivability up a notch. Something that we could remember for a lifetime and lead us into a path of righteousness our entire lives.
I and mine live in the willd and remote West coast of Tasmania, living pretty much off the grid with a wide, deep, fish laden river at my door step, rich pickings in game and natural edibles abounding, unlimited howling wind for my windmill and attached generator, 100kw of high effciiency solar array and 150 acres of rich, fertile soils, surrounded by centuries old State Forest and my own decades ago planted windbreaks of oak, jarrah, marri, karri and pine – and all well below the snowline. Now more than ever, Americans need to learn about their country’s founding and its founders. When we talk about the grid, it’s referring to both the means of producing, as well as distributing electricity across the country. Putting those two cities out of business would bring a large part of the country to a standstill. Please understand that because Survivopedia posts articles daily, constraints exist as to how much time and effort any given writer can afford to invest in a particular article so not all writers can afford to spend the time to answer questions and thoroughly document source info and research, but I will make time because you seem to be earnest in your desire to learn, I take survival very seriously and consider EMP to be a threat that is almost impossible to understate. Dr Pry created EMPact America which is an organization dedicated educating the public and politicians about EMP and effecting change to protect against it. He was present at the Starfish Prime nuclear test and was the chair of The Commission To Assess The Threat To The United States From Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. Mainstream science is welcome do study and do the math and come to it's own conclusions with whatever resources it is able to muster and has now progressed to the point that EMP resulting from nuclear detonation at an altitude greater than the middle stratosphere is amplified a thousand fold by the Compton Scattering effect as the earth's magnetic field lines are heaved out of place and snap back, re-radiating and scattering EM energy. Now imagine trying to get enough of them to re-install and re-wire the entire country, when they're busy trying to garden for the first time in their lives and fighting a daily battle over procuring enough water to keep their children alive. Evasion is the best of all survival tactics and it must be applied for at least 6 months to a year to allow for the thinning of the hungry throngs.
Many appliances keep power to the computer boards that now operate them and cannot be turned off, an EMP event is going to get them. Maybe if we educated our younger generations of the threats to our country something would start getting done to prevent this. I contributed to the current revision of Blackout USA and will start work on a more advanced EMP survival ebook or book next week after I get the project I'm currently working on to where it needs to be by the end of the week.

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