Here’s a game that gives me lots to talk about: a Japanese survival horror game series called CORPSE PARTY, out for download on the PSP and Playstation Vita. The plot goes like this: High school kids take part in a ritual for kicks after school hours. CORPSE PARTY began life as a PC game made with RPG Maker by doujin group Team GrisGris who have become pros as a result of its sales and popularity. CORPSE PARTY must have sold well enough for licensing company Xseed to release its sequel CORPSE PARTY: BOOK OF SHADOWS.
CORPSE PARTY and CORPSE PARTY: BOOK OF SHADOWS are available on the Playstation Network for the PSP and Playstation Vita.
While Corpse Party manages to take many of the best suspenseful elements of horror, it also unfortunately takes some of the worst elements as well. Corpse Party is an anime with an excellent element of horror that makes it very interesting, despite falling for many classic western clichés.

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You can find the rest of the parts here, and if you want to see more Project Hydra, check the Project Hydra Tag on AniTAY. What Japanese Horror, including CORPSE PARTY, reveals is that Japan’s folklore and supernatural traditions are still as prevalent as they were in medieval times. In this case, however, Corpse Party is exactly what someone might expect from a scary movie- for better or for worse. You move 16-bit SNES-style sprites across the screen to get them from one part of the game to the next, only to be greeted by impeccably-illustrated scenes of bloody teenage carnage. You can join the fun on our Sunday Cafes or by posting your own articles on Kinja with the Ani-TAY tag.
If all you knew about Japan came from recent manga and anime, you’d think they’re completely nostalgic about high school to the point of fetishising it far more than American movies or TV ever do, like a lament for the time before adulthood sets in.

Every teenage fear, of death, of the death of friendship, of hatred, of failure, of descending into madness, of losing yourself is present in CORPSE PARTY.
Interestingly, sex is conspicuously absent in CORPSE PARTY, suggesting that all the libido of these doomed kids has been channeled into killing and eating each other.
The game has been popular enough in Japan to spawn a third as-yet-untranslated (and more comedic) game, several manga series and at least one anime series.

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