The Biosecurity Incident Management System (BIMS) has been developed to provide guidance on contemporary practices for the management of biosecurity incident response and initial recovery operations in Australia. In addition, national preparedness and readiness in responding to and recovering from an incident is enhanced because all of the Nation's emergency teams and authorities are using a common language and set of processes. Accurate communications between on-scene responders, dispatch, and towing and recovery operators describing an incident and the vehicles involved helps with the quick and efficient clearing of the incident scene. Responders using the same standardized operational structures share a common focus and are able to place full emphasis on incident management.
BIMS forms the basis for a consistent and effective management framework for all biosecurity incidents.

3 Federal Highway Administration, Simplified Guide to the Incident Command System for Transportation Professionals, FHWA-HOP-06-004 (Washington DC: February 2006).
The OMC Incident Management System (IMS) application was developed initially as a Microsoft Access 2007 application.
The principle of unified command has been universally incorporated into NIMS to ensure further coordination, especially during incidents involving multiple jurisdictions or agencies. It is the national standard for incident management across the various jurisdictions nationwide. The IMS application provides a place to centralize, manage, track and report incident case data.

Incidents that involve advanced, prolonged environmental clean-up, such as hazardous materials incidents. OMC Systems is now marketing the IMS application to other hospitals, schools, and corporate clients. Responders use the National Incident Management System (NIMS), a common framework for effective resolution of incidents large and small, including traffic incidents.

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