Abstract: Film and TV productions, a key area in production screen business, comprise of processes with high demand for creativity and flexibility. The screen business comprises all creative and business related aspects and processes of film, television and new media content, from concept to production and finally distribution.
YAWL4Film is developed over the general YAWL system to support the automation of film production processes.
You can print them out and use them for planning your own films or for training in schools and not for profit organisations.
A core component of coursework is the short film production slates that occur throughout the academic year. As a major outcome, we developed YAWL4Film for collection and entering of production related data and automatic generation of reports during film production, and deployed the system in both an educational setting and a real film production. For example, the production coordinator may generate the call sheet without the knowledge of the schedule or location notes.
These slates range from 1 to 20 days of filming and aim to mirror professional industry standards. There is an opportunity to bring process innovation into this industry, which can streamline and optimise film production processes and thus reduce production costs.
Such a call sheet template is then generated into Excel format, as the second screen (middle) of Figure 3 shows.
In both projects, laptops and tablet PCs (with stylus-enabled user input) were used by Continuity and 2nd AD, while Camera and Sound students were not part of the testing and the system supervisor and technical assistant entered their data manually into the system. It adds to our work reported in (Ouyang, ter Hofstede, La Rosa, Rosemann, Shortland, and Court, 2008) with significant system extensions for deployment in real film productions. Also, the call sheet production of YAWL4Film supports the generation of a call sheet of any shooting day in advance as well as a call sheet for any additional unit.

Check out the free stuff section of our website for your free download of a continuity log. Keywords: Business Process Management (BPM), YAWL, YAWL4Film, Screen Business, Film Production, Production Management, Production Office, Film and TV Scheduling. In this paper, we demonstrate how film production can benefit from the application of BPM technology and discuss how we overcame innovation barriers that exist in the industry. However, despite the era of fast developing technology, film production processes are carried out in an old fashioned way.
Porchlight Films has produced award winning feature films, television dramas, documentaries and short films, including a number of highly acclaimed films such as ``Walking On Water'' and ``Little Fish''.
Cast and crew come together specifically to execute a production such as a feature film or TV series. Performing a manual task requires users’ inputs through customised user interfaces, which were designed to replicate actual templates used in professional film making and support the ways that the users are familiar with when filling in the forms. For example, the first assistant director may concentrate on ensuring the correctness of the schedule, while the production coordinator focuses on the creation of call sheets, where bundled software provides scheduling and call sheet creation in the same software. For example, call sheets were generated into MS Excel format so that prior familiarity on the format is preserved. Excel version is available for our subscribers .PREVIEW DOWNLOADCall Sheet TemplateIdeal for smaller productions.
For the past few years, the film production crew has adopted software tools such as Microsoft Office (i.e. As another example, Figure 3 depicts three user screens, as viewed in MS-Excel, for Call Sheet Production. In order to deal with this challenge, there were extensive interactions with domain experts which formed the basis of the prototype deployed during the student film productions at the AFTRS.

The inputs required for the call sheets were pre-entered into the system before production. YAWL4Film supports collection and entering of production related data and automatic generation of reports required during film production. Also if you are finding these documents to be helpful please check out the support section of the website for ways to help us expand! A film production process usually involves a central production office and a shooting unit. Secondly, in the domain of screen business, YAWL4Film brings process innovation to the film industry. The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) is the national training and research facility for Graduate Diploma, Masters Certificate, courses and short courses in film, and TV production. The stand-alone forms include continuity log, continuity daily, sound sheet, camera sheet, and 2nd AD report, and each is installed in the designated crew’s computer device. The system was deployed in two student productions at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), as well as in a feature film production by Porchlight, an independent film production company. This paper discusses the functionalities offered by YAWL4Film and evaluates the system based on its trial application during two student productions at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in 2007 and its deployment in the production of a medium-budget feature film by Porchlight, an independent film production company, in 2008. To this end, alternative evaluation strategies such as Design Experiments (Brown, 1992) or Design-based Research (Barab and Squire, 2004) can be applied to evaluate the significance of the innovation for the film industry.

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