Each remedy in the kit is perfect to use for both pets and people so you don’t have to waste money or time fumbling through multiple first aid items when a crisis occurs. We teamed up with veterinarians that practice both traditional and holistic medicine as well as human doctors to create a kit that encompasses all modalities of treatment for maximum success.
The first thing you need to do is grab a bag on container where you will store all the contents of the first aid kit. You do not need to create separate first aid kits for the pets and people, although separate first aid training is advocated for human and pet first aid emergencies. A fantastic value professional first aid kit, a perfect first aid kit for the car, home, childcare or workplace. Creating a cat emergency first aid kit is recommended for all cat parents and may buy your cat critical time until veterinary care can be sought through a pet hospital. Many of the supplies you will be using to create your cat first aid kit will also be handy in case of human first aid needs. Make a note of the items that are being replenished and create a chart to place inside the kit or taped to it. The time and expense invested in creating a first aid kit and learning how to use it effectively in medical emergencies can very well save the life of a lived one, two or four-legged. Comprehensive, yet compact, this sports first aid kit is ideal for sports teams, grounds or active families. Radio with Weather solar storm is positioned is rotating aids young young children leave the.
First Aid Only's comprehensive responder kit contains the essential first aid supplies you need in a medical emergency. Our comprehensive responder kit contains the essential first aid supplies you need in a medical emergency. This latex free On Call First responder kit keeps you ready and supplied for Trauma and Medical emergencies with the equipment stored in a convenient First response bag. This First responder kit keeps you ready and supplied for Trauma and Medical emergencies with the equipment stored in a convenient First response bag. Warning: You should always make sure that you are not allergic or prone to any other adverse reaction to any medicines you choose to include in your first aid kit. This fine selection of equipment and first aid bags and soft cases produced by Pacific Emergency Products are covered by a five year warranty on materials and workmanship. Finally make sure that you have sufficient workplace first aid trained workers on site and ensure that they are satisfied with the contents of the kit – there is no point in having one if the person needs something else every single time or has no idea how to use the contents. The remedies chosen are the “best of the best”, have been pre-tested by both pets and people, and provide quick, effective relief in any emergency. Two: If you already have a home First Aid Kit, review the contents and see what needs to be replenished or tossed out due to expiration date.

The kit should be well organised, ideally in a bag with compartments to allow you to quickly grab what you need. Many courses will include a pet first aid book – if yours does, keep it with your first aid kit. This may come under the category of disaster kit, in case the family has to evacuate the home, but I think it’s a good idea to include in first aid kits as well. Just as your pet first aid kit will contain many items which are valuable in human medical emergencies, many of the topics covered in a pet first aid class will mirror those taught in a human first aid class, like performing CPR, helping an animal who is choking, recognizing and responding to signs of shock, cleaning and bandaging wounds, splinting, assessing vital signs, insect and snake bites, etc.
It is advised that you make not one but two kits, one that will be in your house and one that can travel in your car at all times.
A First Aid kit is something that all of us should have in our homes, our cars, at work and even to some extent, carried on our person.
This Medical Responder Trauma kit comes in a uniquely designed first responder bag which features a rubberized bottom panel, Velcro handle closures, a shoulder strap, three rows of elastic loops sewn into the lid, and reflective strips for added visibility. I would suggest that the most basic of steps you can take is to ensure that at work there is a correctly stocked first aid kit.
What I mean but that is that the kit has in it items that are most probably to combat the hazards confronted at work. The K-911 kit is GUARANTEED to contain the least invasive remedies available so they are as safe to use but just as effective. Your kit should contain a First Aid book or instructions, and contents to treat: major and minor bleeding, burns, breaks and sprains. All these items will be useless if you are not prepared to give first aid treatment to your cat. This kit contains some really useful extras that you don’t find in a basic first aid kit at exceptional value for money. An approved emergency Paediatric first aid kit, meeting the guidelines given by the Health and Safety Executive, the National Child Minding Association and the Pre-School Learning Alliance.
A first aid kit for cats and people is a vital component in an emergency disaster preparedness plan as well. Most kits will have the same simple essentials (plasters, slings, similar) but if you are working with specific chemicals you may need eye baths, goggles etc. A couple of calico triangular bandages (ensure they are calico not a cheap version made of paper) these are some of the most useful things in your kit. A truly superb and well thought our kit to ensure you are equipped and ready should you need to use it. If you already have a First Aid kit for the home then review the contents and make sure that the supplies are adequate for what your needs are. Whenever possible, a cell phone with service that can reach 911 in case of emergencies with the phone number of the nearest emergency vet programmed is a great addition to your emergency first aid kit.

First Aid for Life produce monthly educational newsletters covering specific injuries, illnesses and first aid related topics.
Make sure that if you have an emergency the thing that you might need is included in the kit. This is a great compact kit to keep in your nappy bag so that you are ever prepared; everything from basic plasters to burn gel. Temporary tooth filling: This is a temporary cavity filling material for emergency use only.
Check your batteries periodically to make sure that they are ready to go when you need them in an emergency.
I fold them in pairs and store them in a plastic bag for protection from getting snagged in the zip of my kit. Also, unless you are permitted by the remit of your training and relevant laws to administer or offer the medication in question, any medicines you include in your first aid kit should be for your personal use only and not given to anyone else. I find it a good way to safely have a sharp point in my first aid kit without risking damage to any contents or myself.
While I normally have a whistle around my neck, I find having everything I need in my first aid kit reassuring – in an emergency I can just grab my kit and go. The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync.
The contents of many travel first-aid kits are limited in scope, containing not much more than some cheap plasters and bandages, making the kit as a whole overpriced. The next building block up as far as emergency first aid equipment is concerned is my personal wilderness first aid kit. I had my usual head torch with me but ever since then I’ve always carried a dedicated emergency lamp in my first aid kit. In considering how well you could cope with a particular remote emergency scenario, you may even change your planned activities or route choice to help diminish the risk. Then the contents of the kit will not only stay in one piece until I need to use it but also the various contents will perform well once they are in use. It has various modes, including strobe which can be particularly useful in emergency situations. For items of your first aid kit that must remain dry, I recommend packing them in Aloksak waterproof storage bags.
If you choose your kit contents wisely, for a given level of functionality you can pack fewer of a particular item in favour of making space for other items or saving weight.

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