Everyone ought to maintain a Home Inventory List to document their home assets for insurance purposes. The Inventory Spreadsheet includes some of the common locations and items that you might want to consider when creating your own inventory list. Taking photos of your property for your home inventory will make working with your insurance company go a lot smoother. Download our simple inventory spreadsheet, made specifically for listing the contents of your home for insurance purposes. Home Inventory Worksheet (pdf) - Use this printable PDF worksheet to give you ideas about what you may want to inventory. Search for inventory management software, inventory control, inventory system, and inventory spreadsheet on Google.

Asset Tracking Template - Track office equipment, repair equipment, and other valuable assets. Software Inventory Tracking Template - Track hardware, software, licenses, expirations, etc. Excel can be used as a database in the sense of storing and working with tables of information, but inventory control can quickly get too complicated for Excel.
Some of the descriptions in the inventory list, like "Electronics", are just placeholders to remind you to include your electronics. You may want to consider using Microsoft Access (a database program) or other specialized inventory management software. A simple inventory spreadsheet should suffice, so go ahead and download the free Home Inventory template below.

Now-a-days, most digital cameras have video capture ability, so you could record a quick video clip of each room in your home, and store the video clips and digital photos on a flash drive with your inventory. If you need more sophisticated inventory management software for your home or small business, try searching the Microsoft Office template gallery or check out our sponsors.

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