We are pleased to announce the Spring 2016 Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Course will start on Wednesday, February 3 and wrapping up with a final practical exercise on Saturday, March 5, 2015. Montgomery County CERT continues offering Storm Camp, a half day family workshop designed to improve the readiness and safety of the public.
To join Montgomery County CERT, you need to complete the Community Emergency Response Training Course. CERT is a training program that prepares people to help themselves, their families and their neighbors in the event of a disaster in their community.

Through CERT, citizens can learn about disaster preparedness and receive training in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and disaster medical operations.
These numbers include CERT members’ contributions towards nine SITREPs– eight snow storms and one EF-0 tornado that impacted the County in June 2013.
With this training, volunteers can provide critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims before emergency first responders arrive on scene.
In September 2013, Montgomery County CERT received national recognition for Outstanding CERT Initiatives associated to its SITREPs.

The Montgomery County CERT Program is managed by the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

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