Congratulations to the intermediate dressage team of Esme Hatton, Alex Jenkins, Ellie Roach and Georgia Henry, winners of the Area competition and off to the Championships! Very well done to the Prince Phillip Senior team at the Zone competition at Warwickshire college. According to the team, approximately one fifth of patients are eligible for continuing health care once they have entered the scheme. The social work arm of D2A comprises team leader, Joanna Salmon, who was involved in setting up the scheme and social workers Georgina Everitt, who has been practising for nearly sixteen years, and Schola Sjurseth, who qualified in 2006.
The Intermediate Eventing team came a brilliant 4th overall with Zara Heathcote placed 6th individually. Also congratulations to Rachel Stephenson who represented the Branch in endurance, coming second with a mixed team. The winner is announced the winner of the season and a presentation made to the individual or team. Instead, this cosy office is alive with passion, debate and strong partnerships between the professionals who make up Warwickshire’s Discharge to Assess (D2A) team. A number of changes were introduced to support a more efficient A&E service, including the implementation of the Emergency Ambulatory Clinic at the Acute Medical Unit at Warwick Hospital which became operational last September and consists of a waiting area, consulting room and treatment area. Trust’s work has been included in national development work looking at creating better emergency care across community settings and is now being replicated in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as evidence to support a national review. The idea is that local communities may know about particular hazards and problems that affect an area, be aware of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency, and have access to people, resources or buildings that allow them to respond more effectively to specific incidents.
There is no statutory requirement for such a plan; however it is good practice and so we have created the Shotteswell Parish Council Emergency Plan.
As a small village, our Emergency Plan is a simple document: we are not aware of any particular hazards in the area and our location means that we are safe from flooding. The purpose of the plan is to cater for extreme circumstances (for example heavy snowfall) that might prevent the emergency services from reaching the scene immediately. The CSW Resilience Team on behalf of Warwickshire County Council have staff and resources available to provide rest centres to evacuated residents and can be contact via the Parish Council. Any volunteer acting under the County Council’s instructions during an emergency will be covered under the Authority’s personal accident and liability policy.
As of 1st November 2015 South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) will no longer be providing School Nursing Services across Warwickshire. To show that the Trust take a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for older people, staff from SWFT’s Dietetic Service, Occupational Therapy Team and Falls Team were also on hand to offer advice on topics such as nutrition and falls reduction.
Members of staff at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust are now able to access exclusive discounts and offers through the Trust’s new dedicated benefits platform.

In such circumstances Newborn Hearing Screening teams, regardless of location, work collaboratively by screening babies before discharge back to their local area.
Rhea McCulloch representing NWPC on the England Pony Club Mounted Games team at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
Tucked away in a Warwickshire nursing home, a team of health and social care practitioners are working together to plan care for people who, not so long ago, were patients in the nearby hospital wards. The Discharge to Assess scheme (recently recognised as an example of good practice in a report by the College of Social Work) is a joint partnership between Warwickshire County Council, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Arden Commissioning Support.
We are currently out and about recruiting at various locations in Coventry and Warwickshire.
Meanwhile in Eventing Kate Bleloch came 9th in the Open on Lily, having come hotfoot from representing GB in the Junior European Eventing Championships with Harry, where she helped Team GB to a great 4th place! The team provide a confidential listening and support service for all staff and this can take place through formalised sessions such as referrals from Occupational Health, or through individual and informal meetings. Community Emergency Response Team was also set up to offer a two-hour response to speed up discharge and offer alternatives to admission.
In extreme conditions such as heavy snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the emergency services may not be able to reach the scene immediately.
However, in the event of extreme snow, a prolonged loss of power, a serious traffic incident or other emergency local people may be required to provide an initial level of support. If an emergency occurs locally and the Parish Council have not been contacted, then it is essential that the CSW Resilience Team is informed as soon as possible. On 1 October South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) took part in Older People’s Day.
University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) sign a collaborative partnership agreement to develop sustainable health services across Coventry and Warwickshire. Well done to the NWPC team of Ellie Bagshaw, Kate Bleloch, Esme Hatton and Tori Jones who came a fantastic 3rd out of 45 teams at the Blenheim Eventer Challenge. Staff Rewards and BenefitsStaff at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust have access to a wide variety of benefits and rewards.Staff Pension Employees can opt into this excellent final salary pension scheme. It’s not difficult to see why the nursing home is the ideal setting for the team to develop their multidisciplinary approach to delivering services, as well as providing a comfortable space for service users discharged from hospital to recuperate.
To co-ordinate such activity, some councils have formulated a Community Emergency Plan to help their community to prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact. Purpose The emergency services, local authorities, utilities and voluntary agencies in a combined response will deal with all major emergencies.
In a local emergency, it is unlikely that a situation would arise where we were asking the Parish Council to send people off in their own vehicle to undertake tasks.

This Emergency Plan is not intended to be a substitute for these services and, on an emergency situation arising, the first action should always be to contact the emergency services by dialling 999. Championship News – well done to the Novice SJ team whoh came a fantastic 10th place out of 44 at the Novice Championships. An evaluation of the overall redesign of community services in Warwickshire, which includes D2A, found that average lengths of stay in hospital had fallen by one-third and hospital discharge rates were up by more than 30%. In such cases the initial response may rely entirely on Shotteswell residents; this plan describes how such an initial response will be coordinated.
A big thank you to Millie who showed tremendous team spirit as despite Tally being lame she traveled to the champs with a borrowed pony so that we could start on a four, unfortunately her pony found the slippy conditions very difficult with no shoes. A big thank you to the amazing work that the health and social care teams contribute to our society. The assembled villagers will assess if resources such as four-wheel drive vehicles, lifting equipment or chainsaws may be relevant to the emergency and contact the appropriate providers.
NWPC Polocrosse teams are victorious again at the Champs, winner of the Maldon trophy for the 6th consecutive year, and to the Junior team who won their section! This will enable you to view all of the vacancies that are currently advertised at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust.
The assembled villagers will assess if skills such as those of doctors, nurses and first-aiders may be relevant to the emergency and contact the appropriate providers.
During the emergency, anyone involved in coordinating a response should keep a log of all requests for assistance and action taken. This service has been redesigned and recommissioned by Warwickshire County Council as the Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service. Aphasia effects communication in a variety of ways so the yearly tea party gives people with the condition a relaxed environment in which to engage with others who understand the challenges it brings. This partnership agreement between UHCW and SWFT provides a framework for the future provision of sustainable, clinically viable services across Coventry and Warwickshire. It means a lot for us to be able to support two worthy causes that are making a huge difference for the local community. The new hospital in Stratford will be extremely beneficial to local communities in South Warwickshire, enabling cancer and eye patients to receive treatment closer to their homes in new state-of-the-art facilities.

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