Developing a plan or a set of coordination procedures requires combining the knowledge, expertise, and information of many agencies across several jurisdictions that support military deployments during national emergencies. First, the Emergency Response Coordinator at the SDOT should develop an inventory and an understanding of current procedures or plans, identify the organizational structure or format for developing the procedures, and identify key participants or agencies. Define the guiding principles that are necessary when developing an emergency operations plan. Confidence and trust among agencies necessary to support military missions during emergencies. The Emergency Response Coordinator at the SDOT should verify the existence of current procedures and plans for supporting military deployments; this information will provide insight into the scope and scale of the update required or the creation of new procedures if necessary. Similarly, interagency communications procedures and protocols during normal and emergency situations should be confirmed.

Additional data may need to be collected from others to gather sufficient background information about military deployment routes, current permitting processes, contact lists, communication practices (technical and organizational), and recent validation of the current procedures or plan. Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP)communicating with the UW Emergency Operations Center as well as the . Such formal bodies may exist in some States and reside in agencies with responsibility for statewide emergency management or homeland security functions. From just $69 (US) per licenseEmergency Operations Plan University of Missouri-Kansas Cityflexible enough for use in all emergencies. The Emergency Response Coordinator should then distribute the coordination procedures or plan with a proposed approach for further testing and updates. Just $49 (US) or less per licenseUCSB Department Emergency Operations PlanThe Campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), as opposed to your .

Some agencies include the coordination procedures as part of statewide emergency transportation management procedures.
Emergency Operations Plan - City of Peoria, IllinoisThis Basic Plan outlines our approach to emergency operations, and is applicable to .

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