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An exchange of information about the likelihood and consequences of adverse events Helps public respond to a potential crisis Reduces rumors and incorrect information Provides awareness Demonstrates good leadership 7 Cardinal Rules 1.

Background on the Case CDC’s Smallpox Communication Crisis Plan The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of Americans The CDC has ramped up its planning for a bioterror attack involving smallpox Elements in the Case Start with a plan Reduce uncertainty Increase feelings of control Build trust and credibility Communicate transparently Meet the cognitive needs of people under stress The CDC makes a national response plan The CDC: begun forming relationships educating key groups about its plan targeting organizations within the media, the general public, public health workforce, and policymakers Smallpox Strikes!
Whom to call if you have smallpox Vaccination is a high priority for people who have been exposed to smallpox Where to go for more info References Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T.

National cert website
Disaster volunteer programs
Disaster preparedness month 2012


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