One reason for choosing this particular container was it’s larger-than-typical size, 7 gallons. I like this one because of its spigot design which uniquely fits inside the cap for storage, which prevents it from becoming lost and is protected from damage while in storage or transit.
It’s heavy duty material is the final reason I chose the Reliance model Aqua-Tainer water container. In addition to knowing how to purify water, you should also have a good drinking water filter and drinking water storage. Even if you live nearby a water source, you will still need to be able to transport it to your home, and the containers to use while doing so. For a sole purpose of storing lots of water at home, large barrels seem to be one of the better solutions for sure.
I too have switched to the 5 and 7 gallon containers like the ones shown and from Wal Mart. Also, there is a filter for the Aqua-Tainer also made by Reliance that would handy to have in case you are forced to use the container for questionable water. I accidentally left three Aquatainers in my garage last winter filled to the top with water and the caps on.
Note: The content on this page has been adapted from publications of World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST).
It’s quite important for every household to have clean drinking water stored in their house. User can retrieve enough water from an average well in a few minutes in the morning for a days’ use for both family and garden. Simply follow the enclosed directions for use and affix to any bucket or pail to yield bacteria-free water in remote locations.
The 250 Gallon Super Tanker is by far the best option for storing large amounts of water at home. With such strong water flow, use Simple Pump™ as a primary water pump system for non-electrical wells too.
Unmatched durability - designed to last at least 50 years, it could be the only manual water pump you'll ever buy! The Simple Pump was designed similar to a non-freeze hydrant and allows the upper column of water to bleed off to a depth below the frost line.
Stockpiled dehydrated food and other preserved goods also require water in order to be eaten. The 250 Gallon Super Tanker is a efficient, easy to use, water storage container that is great for in home use. In turn, 55 gallons of water can be treated and dealt with using three tablespoons of bleach.
When it comes to food preparation, personal hygiene, and cleanup of eating utensils, you’ll also require half a gallon of water. A safe water storage container should have the following qualities:* Strong and tightly fitting lid or cover.
Sometimes it is difficult to find or buy a good storage container.The most important things are to make sure that it is covered and only used for treated water.
If the majority of your storage foods are dry or dehydrated, you'll need more water for preparation of those foods. It is recommended you purchase food grade water storage containers from surplus or camping supplies stores to use for water storage. Water beds - Fungicides added to the water or chemicals in the vinyl may make the water unsafe to use. Swimming pools and spas - Chemicals used to kill germs are too concentrated for safe drinking but can be used for personal hygiene, cleaning and other related uses.

If you have used all of your stored water and there are no other reliable clean water sources, it may become necessary in an emergency situation to treat suspicious water. Before treating, let any suspended particles settle to the bottom or strain them through coffee filters or layers of clean cloth. Although I was initially looking for a 5-gallon heavy duty water container (40-pounds filled), I can still handle this 7-gallon container at 56-pounds filled (water weighs 8 pounds a gallon). There are all sorts of good water containers to choose from, and this particular Reliance Aqua-Tainer is one of the many good choices you might consider. Half a gallon a day per person is the minimum requirement for drinking purposes, the water you get from food like fruits and vegetable notwithstanding. With 98% of the water flow passing through the hollow fiber membranes, it is a very fast flowing filter. Designed to fit through any 28" doorway to become the best in-home water storage container. Simple Pump™ is a hand water pump that works as a reliable backup right beside your existing submersible well pump. Frost proof - the self-priming pump keeps your water flowing even when the ground is frozen. The pump assembly and its component parts are manufactured from lead-free materials and are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant. This is more than enough reason to get proper water storage or storing water from your tap, but to improperly store them in drums could be hazardous to your health since stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Forcing the clean water back through the filter flushes out all of the contaminants and only takes a few seconds. The water itself should be treated so that it doesn’t come with dangerous germs that will only spread the longer you store it.
PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are also not recommended for water storage since the bottles themselves tend to degrade and contaminate it after a period of time. Most larger communities will have a merchant or dealer who can sell some type of acceptable water container. Treat all water of uncertain quality before using it for drinking, food washing or preparation, washing dishes, brushing teeth or making ice. They are effervescent tablets which kill micro-organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases. Having 7 gallons provides a one-week supply at the recommended water storage of 1-gallon per person per day. Reversing the spigot for normal operation is simple, and the water flow spigot lever feels heavy duty and doesn’t drip.
I spot check the water and containers each year during rotation, and have not had any issues with them. If your water should be treated first before you can drink it, then treat it at the point of using it instead of before storage.
The Squeeze filter is perfect for traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted. Simple Pump™ delivers up to 5 gallons per minute, and water comes out of your household spigot at normal pressure.
When you need a water pump for larger jobs, just convert your Simple Pump™ manual water pump into a motorized water pump. There are various emergency situations and happenings around that could cause the water supply to be undrinkable, unavailable, or otherwise compromised.
Five gallons of water can be disinfected by just one teaspoon of bleach, but not more than that or else you’ll be having problems aside from infection. Long term water storage, meanwhile, involves getting the right storage units that will last a long time when it comes to storing your consumable, drinkable water for the long haul.

As a motorized water pump, Simple Pump™ is tough enough to safely move contaminated water, highly impacted ground water, and water with other debris. We normally recommend, accommodating natural groundwater level decline, that Simple Pump™ be installed to a depth at least 27 feet below the static water level. On a regular day, you may wash several gallons of water down the drain as you rinse the dinner dishes. Since babies sometimes spit up and make messes, you'll need sufficient water to clean up. After sanitizing the bottle, thoroughly rinse out the sanitizing solution with clean water. No need to rotate the stored water every 6 months if a water treatment preserver is added.
You should do commonsensical things like cleaning the container to keep mold and bacteria from spreading to your water supply. If power outages were to occur, depending on your locality, your water flow might be affected or have trouble working properly since treatment plants for them also require electricity. If you don't have this information, contact a local well driller or practicing engineer to have the water depth confirmed by sounding or other measurement technique.
In other words, by the 20th time you would have cleaned a ceramic filter, it would be time to backwash this filter for the first time. In an emergency situation, you will have to keep a watchful eye on the amount used for those purposes. Make sure you have the necessary materials in your disaster supplies kit for the chosen water treatment method. This is particularly important during emergencies, when your water lines have been cut and you can’t get water from your tap any longer because of natural disasters or imminent manmade threats (like riots and even war).
This water storage container was designed to fit through most doorways in your house and fit under an eight foot ceiling.
You should use Plastics #1, #2, and #4 or polyethylene-based plastics in order to hold water because they’re believed to be some of the safest water containers in the world. This distinction is important because the static water level is the depth from which water is pumped irrespective of the depth that the pump is set. Also use to treat water when you travel in foreign countries or the water supply is questionable. You can use some brand of chlorine bleach from the grocery store to do treat water, but not the type of chlorine used in swimming pools. You can put an end to all your water worries by buying a Sawyer Water Filter or Purifier. The gift of water for those who may not be as prepared would be a kind gesture in a time of need. You can also splice this filter directly in-line on your drink tube of your hydration bladder, attach a drink tube and drink directly from a water source or use it in a gravity feed system for group applications. This has the same footprint as the 250 gallon container, but it is only half as tall, storing half as much water.
As a hand water pump, Simple Pump™ delivers up to 5 gallons per minute, and water comes out of your household spigot at normal pressure.

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