Emergency Card: While the full page emergency plan is nice to print out and put on your fridge, this template also includes a worksheet where you can customize a printable Emergency Card. Because creating an emergency plan is so important for your family, we also highly recommend reading through the resources below so you can create the most effective plan possible. Make an Emergency Plan at Ready.gov - Helps you "prepare, plan and stay informed" about emergencies and disasters.
Different Types of Emergencies at RedCross.org - A comprehensive list of the different types of emergencies and disasters and how you should prepare for them. Be Red Cross Ready at arcbrcr.org - This site takes you step by step to becoming informed and prepared for emergencies.

American Red Cross Emergency Card (PDF) at redcross.org - This PDF provides a simple design for an emergency contact card. Family Emergency Plan Card for Children (PDF) at Ready.gov - A foldable family emergency plan card for your child. This emergency contact form is a simple template that allows you to keep all of your essential emergency plan details in one place.
You can use our emergency contact form template to print a summary of your family emergency plan.
You can personalize it to list all of your family's crucial emergency information including: how to contact each other, where family members might be during the week, outside contacts, where to meet in case contacting each other proves difficult or impossible, and local resources.

Review it occasionally with your family so that everyone knows what to do when you have an emergency.

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