According to the National Solid Waste Management Association, the solid waste industry employs 368,000 people. Human Footprint is colorful and fun—yet also manages to be a powerful tool for kids to visualize the dimensions of consumption.
Several organizations, including the EPA, have classified diesel exhaust as a probable or potential human carcinogen.

Economic geography: added global roads, railroads, ports, and airports to show how people are interconnected and routes goods move.
For millennia, humans have chopped down forests and moved rock and soil for agriculture and pastureland—and more recently, for construction. Astonishing photography captures the full picture of consumption, documenting all the diapers you wore as a baby, the bread you'll eat in a lifetime, and the cans you'll recycle, based on national averages.

Medical emergency response plan flow chart
Information for volcanoes
Survival kit checklist


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