Team ProPac will take the headaches out of trailer selection, outfitting and delivery for you. The Trophy Club Emergency Volunteer Association (TCEVA) has waited a long time to unveil the new reflective graphics on the group’s emergency response trailer…and the trailer looks AWESOME!
In the fall of 2012, the police department approached the Byron Nelson High School (BNHS) art department to help develop graphics for the side of the trailer. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) cargo trailer was purchased in July 2012 with grant monies from the Department of Homeland Security. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a volunteer group that is trained to respond to emergencies and assist the Police and Fire Departments in various ways. CERT training is a 24 hour course that encompasses light fire fighting, first aid, and search and rescue.

In Trophy Club, CERT members are required to complete either a Citizen Police or Citizens Fire Academy prior to attending CERT training. We’ll assess your needs and assemble the most cost effective and efficient trailer package for the job.
BNHS art students went to work designing artwork concepts and the student who came up with the basis for the trailer design is Connor Duffy. Once formally approved by TCEVA, the logo was incorporated into the trailer graphics, along with the Trophy Club Fire, Police and CERT logos. Trophy Club CERT has responded during flood events, as well as providing valuable services during special events. Training is offered in-house, but CERT training obtained from any certified instructor is accepted because the CERT curriculum is standardized throughout the nation.

Our CERT has been funded by the acquisition of two federal grants that have enabled us to provide personal protective equipment and team equipment that is needed for a CERT to be viable. From selecting the right trailer to a tow vehicle match, to loading the right products, Team ProPac puts it all together. The trailer houses TCEVA emergency supplies that allow the CERT team to respond to any given mission, from emergency search and rescue missions to light firefighting duties.  The trailer was used to haul emergency supplies to the Moore, OK tornado victims earlier this year and often serves as a display trailer at community events.

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