Smart worked closely with partner government agencies to develop disaster preparedness video materials for schoolchildren. While information dissemination programs being implemented from the national all the way down to the barangay level are good, the gears have to shift to another direction: the path towards disaster preparedness.
As a result, the Department of Education, in partnership with various government agencies, has integrated disaster preparedness lessons into their curriculum to ensure that students as early as grade school are better informed on what they need to do before disasters such as typhoons strike.
Still, much work needs to be done, as the concept of disaster is sometimes too complex for a young child to understand.
The video series, entitled “Maging Laging Handa”, covers precautionary measures and safety tips for various calamities such as typhoons, floods, tsunamis, storm surges, earthquakes, and landslides. The video series has the stamp of approval of key government agencies, including the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and  Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

Smart has been holding caravans all over the country for household preparedness, and supporting different government agencies to help strengthen the disaster management capacities of local government units. Shifting the focus from disaster response to disaster preparedness is a very practical idea to minimize damages of properties and lives, and with Smart Communications trying to start that crusade through educating the young, we’re already one step ahead of the game. IBM will provide a secure network environment for Grantee members and partners to collaborate and coordinate critical ongoing relief efforts.
Photo shows IBM Philippines President and CGM Mariels Almeda Winhoffer (center) with PDRF officials (from left) Manuel V. Slow-moving typhoon Lando (International name: Koppu) affected almost one million people, damaged more than P7 billion worth of property, and claimed innocent lives as it wrecked Central Luzon. From this question rose the idea of creating a series of disaster-readiness educational videos especially designed for children who are most vulnerable during disasters.

Through this workshop, IBM assisted individual PDRF members and partners in developing or improving their current disaster preparedness and continuity plans.
Last year, IBM delivered the IBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) with an Integrated Communications System (ICS) to facilitate better and more coordinated disaster management efforts with the DOST and across various government agencies. In addition, IBM will provide consulting services to assist PDRF staff to quickly set up and customize this platform for their specific use and to on-board and train individual PDRF members and partners.

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