Our pets interact daily with the planet, and when the environment is chemical-laden, expect your pets to ingest chemicals, too. Pets are less likely to experience allergic reactions to natural products, so you can feel at ease when applying them to your best friend. It is important for pet owners to help their children take care of the pets, gradually releasing responsibility to them over time.
Multiple studies over the years have shown that children who grow up with pets are less prone to develop allergies and asthma. When pets are used to help children read, they essentially support the improvement of fluency. Perhaps it is because pets do not judge – pets do not correct the children and make them reread.

The oral practice children experience when reading to their pets helps them become fluent readers, resulting in better comprehension of what they are reading. Pets are not things children can just put on shelves when they get tired of taking care of them. There are many life skills they learn as a result of caring for another being and committing to the responsibility. Results published inClinical and Experimental Allergy state that boys who grew up with indoor pets were half as likely to develop severe allergies later on in life. Like adults, children turn to their pets when they are feeling sad, angry, or otherwise upset. Children who are active in raising their pets usually learn how to be empathetic and compassionate.

Magically, pets will bring peace to the situation and provide their humans with unconditional love. Learning about the need for exercise for pets to stay healthy helps children apply the same concepts to their own wellbeing.

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