One of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for your new hamster can be decorating their cage.
Roborovski hamsters are the smallest type of hamster, even among other Dwarf-type hamsters. The Panda Bear hamster is an adorable relative of the Syrian hamster, which is most well-known for its distinctive fur coloration.
The Golden Hamster (often times called the Syrian hamster) is the most popular species of hamster for small pet owners.
Hamsters are a type of rodent with a complex diet consisting of nuts, burrowing insets, fruits, and vegetation. The lifespan of hamsters will depend on two things: the breed and the health state of the hamster when you got them.
Hamsters are often the pet of choice amongst pet owners due to their size, cleanliness and the fact that they are just downright cute! To put it simply, a hamster’s health is largely dependent on the level of care that you provide for them.
There are many different hamster accessories available to choose from, which can provide a fun and interactive appeal to your hamster’s cage. Any changes in your hamster’s habits, mood or personality traits could be a sign that your hamster is suffering from a health condition.

Dwarf hamsters are often sought for their small size, which is a direct result of their genetic makeup. Teddy bear hamsters are among the most popular types of hamster for many small pet owners, being prized for their soft and furry appearance. Black Bear hamsters are actually a type of Teddy Bear (or long-haired Syrian) hamster that was originally bred for its black fur markings.
Technically, Panda Bear hamsters are simply Syrian hamsters that have been selected for their black and white coats.
Golden hamsters are easy to care for, easy to breed and fairly inexpensive for small pet owners to keep. Because of its pleasant disposition, interaction with people, and its undeniable cuteness, hamsters became a popular house pet. It’s perfect for people who live in urbanized areas because these rodents do not take up much room.
A hamster house made of wood will sustain damage and this could lead to your pets escaping. Hamsters are always on the move during the night so don’t sleep without replacing their water bowl with fresh water. To help care for your hamster during an illness, it’s important to be familiar with some of the most common health conditions that appear in pet hamsters.

There are many healthy options for hamster treats, which can actually help your hamster’s dietary nutrition level. Owning a hamster means that you are taking on the sole responsibility of ensuring that your hamster remains in good health. Syrian hamsters are the most common type of hamster seen in pet stores, often being kept in groups before their sale. But despite its easy maintenance, there are certain things you have to consider before getting your own pet hamsters. The home of your hamster should be spacious enough that they can play, and should feature beddings, chew sticks, and toys to keep them occupied.
When it comes to feeding your pet hamster, you can buy a dried hamster mix and add a small amount of fresh fruits and veggies every now and then. You should always clean your hamster’s home twice per week to eliminate feces, food debris, and dirt that could attract ants. Finally, add a wheel (or two, depending on the number of hamsters you have) so your pet could get ample amount of exercise.

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