This kit includes tools, first aid kit, lighting, jumper cables, gloves, compressor tire pump, reflective triangle and more.
Be ready for any automotive emergency by keeping an auto emergency kit handy in your vehicle. This kit should contain useful tools and devices that could help you in case of accidents and emergency situations. Good notion to store your kit in your a rough service knife with any immediate aftershocks. A car emergency kit is a must-have for anyone who drives- especially during the winter months. Including female-sized crash test dummies in the star safety rating tests are definitely a step in the right direction. A recent article about a man that was found alive after snow buried him in his car for two months made me wonder how prepared the average driver is for accidents that leave them stranded. If your car had the majority of the items listed, you would be prepared not only to survive the conditions, but also have the tools to help get found. Two more good reasons to consider a collision repair career are that you can get grant money to help with the education costs and you have many more education options and career paths than you may realize. Some reports are stating that these developments are going to be in vehicles by next year but others are stating that for this technology (especially the car-to-car communication) will only reach its full potential once the majority of cars have it, and that could take another 30 years.
Traveling in winter can be a hazardous undertaking, therefore prepare a car emergency kit in case of need. The above list may look bulky for storage but you will only need items for a few hours so there is no need to overload in quantity.

The first aid kit should include some wet wipes, plasters, burn cream, eyewash and disinfectant besides some pain killers like aspirin for minor accidents. In cold freezing weather it is best not to venture outside the car as you can suffer heat loss in just a few minutes, but if you have to, make sure every inch of skin is covered. The ER™ Deluxe Roadside and Severe Weather Kit is an emergency kit containing a compressive set of emergency vehicle tools and severe weather supplies in case you have a vehicle emergency on the road in the heart of winter. If a dead-battery, mechanical problem, or flat tire occur when you are driving, a car emergency kit will help you manage the problem until help arrives. Most of these essential items are available in the automotive section of our Lawn & Garden Department. The new testing system makes it more difficult for vehicles to earn a high star rating and therefore encourages car makers to continue making incremental changes to improve safety. Considering that the star safety rating is a large contributing factor in purchasing decisions, especially for women, consumers should be aware of exactly what the rating means. Perhaps as trusted industry experts, collision repair shops should inform customers what they should store in their car in case of an emergency and why. The payoff is worth it though- not only is it safer for the environment and your employees, many of the green initiatives will save you money in the long-run. The ultimate goal for this of course is to improve the safety of vehicles and reduce collisions.
I figured that people in this industry would be busy getting their hands dirty by fixing cars rather than being inside on their computer. It is best to put everything in a large canvas bag or a medium-sized plastic container and leave it in the well of the car or the trunk; however keep in mind that if the trunk becomes damaged you might not be able to open it.

Regardless of the weather, it is a good idea to become a member of some roadside assistance company which provides towing whenever your car breaks down.
He has researched and reviewed 100s of cars, and writes extensively about car technologies. Use the included items such as the jumper cables and toolset to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. You will be especially be thankful you are prepared for a car emergency if it occurs in a more a remote area or during inclement weather. To counter this situation which, in the worst case scenario, can even lead to loss of life, a car emergency kit can minimize the danger and help you through as you wait for help to arrive. Well, if you’re considering a career in the collision repair industry, whether as a body or paint tradesperson or another part of the industry, below are 5 good reasons to have confidence in that choice. Besides these things, the car’s compartment should also include tools that are useful in case of vehicle trouble on the road.
HOSE- 6' length of garden hose or SIPHON KIT from Auto Supply Store to siphon gasoline into approved container to add gasoline to empty tank.
The NHTSA has included female test-dummies in federal compliance crash tests since 2003, but that test is only to ensure that vehicles fulfil the minimum safety regulations (such as air bag safety) and does not contribute to star-ratings. CONTAINERS- give thought to the containers used in your own SURVIVAL kit, consider a small "pack or knapsack" to hold some items, that you can put selected items in if you have to abandon the vehicle.

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