In this scenario your car is a shelter, utilize it to protect yourself from the cold elements. Beyond these basics to help you stay warm, there can also be a few small auto repair items that will help you to make quick fixes to your car.
Our Roadside Emergency Kit - Cold Weather is an all-inclusive emergency kit for cars facing cold weather.
The ‘winter weather kit’ we carry in most of our vehicles is… Well, let’s be kind and say it’s limited.
The ebay Motors Car Care Series page has a whole section devoted to preparing for the winter, including what you should have on hand when the snow and ice start falling.

It has everything you need to survive in case you find yourself stranded on the road in winter, including emergency food, emergency water, a first aid kit, and heating elements that will last you for up to 72 hours. Most of us throw an ice scraper in the car and maybe take a second to make sure our buddy returned those jumper cables we loaned them a few months back and think we’re ready for the world. Read more about how to stock up for winter along with other ways you can get ready for the season by exploring the Car Care Center site for tons of tips, tricks, and advice on how to keep your ride well-maintained and in one piece through the season!
This kit fits conveniently in a standard backpack and can be stored in the trunk of your car for up to 5 years - the shelf life for our peanut-free food. The fact of the matter is that a well-thought out cold weather kit can at the very least cut out some of the inevitable hassle of winter driving.

Throw it in the car just in case you get stranded, along with your favorite energy bars and a flashlight. A bag of sand or even kitty litter can help you establish traction on snowy or icy roads; depending on your car and where you keep the bag it could even help your handling, too.

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