You don't quite know what it is, or how it could possibly have happened, but inexplicably the water in the bottle seems to have gone bad!
You may also choose to chlorinate the water with 16 drops of unscented chlorine bleach (e.g. When in doubt about whether a particular container is food grade, you can contact your local water authority for advice. If you notice a leak or hole in the containers after having stored the water, do not drink from the container.

If using a plastic container, store away from gasoline, kerosene and pesticides, as vapors from them can permeate the plastic if it is thin enough. You walk, running almost to the bottle of water you remembered seeing on your desk, Yes the one that has been there forever and a day.
You see what happens is not that the water 'expires' so much as it gets contaminated in one of two ways. The first way is when you leave water in an open container at room temperature for an extended period of time.

Under these circumstances, you effectively provide a breeding ground for bacteria, algae and, most commonly, mosquitoes.
The second way of contamination is where the container you store water in starts to leach chemicals into the water it is holding.

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