John Ambulance instructors. CERT responders provide medical response and advanced first aid to the Durham College and UOIT, available at almost every campus location and are on-call 24-hours a day, seven days week.
Responders are trained at the health care provider level, carrying oxygen, automatic external defibrillators, as well essentials needed to handle any medical emergency. CERT is a part of the St. Particular of Canadian on the web survival Kit Checklist (With Photographs) Emergencies numerous.

Code Blue Stations: Code Blue Stations are located in parking lots, footpaths and within the Campus Library.
Campus Walk Program: This program is provided by trained student teams who will, on request, accompany student, staff, faculty or visitors to their car, residence or other campus locations on weeknights. They are nine-foot poles with blue lights on top that have instant contact with Campus Security.

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