Step #3: How To CULTIVATE Your House List For Endless New Clients, Referrals and Repeat Business. It means that your closing gift must be something that will make a deep personal impact on your clients, AND be a great vehicle for keeping you in the top of their minds for referrals and repeat business – without violating any gift-value laws or regulations. Because the agents who use it continually improve their practices with the feedback, and receive the highest referral rates in the business.
Then, I want you to use the testimonials in EVERY single marketing piece you create: letters, ads, flyers, postcards, listing presentations, buyer packages and more. Here's a simple letter you can send to every client you do business with – and a RESPONSE Letter you can send after you receive your testimonial. Systemize the process of asking for positive comments about your services after every closing, and you'll see your business grow.

You can use the above letters either in place of the After-Sale Survey Letter I gave you above, or in addition to it. Brothers Home Improvement offers the advantages of a large company operation with the care and old-fashioned service of a close family business.
LoveToKnow has prepared two reference letter templates that you can download, edit and save.
If you are able to write a comprehensive letter of reference without violating your company's policies, click on the image below to access a template that you can use as a starting point for the document you want to create.
When providing a reference letter, it is essential to include only information that is factual and truthful.
If so, make sure that you are clear on your company's policy with providing this type of reference letter before you start writing.

The first option is a compressive letter to use in circumstances where there are no restrictions on what you are allowed to disclose. The second letter is generally appropriate in situations where there are company-imposed limitations on the information you're allowed to provide.
If the task to write one of these letters falls on you and you need a little help to get started, use one of the sample letters provided here for guidance.

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