Released on a Friday, direct to your inbox, the BCM Bulletin is essential reading for all those with an interest in business continuity. BCT are a global supplier of Business Continuity Training courses and are a Business Continuity Institute (BCI) licensed training provider. BCI Licensed Good Practice Guidelines CBCI Course is to provide knowledge and understanding on the subject of Business Continuity (BC) based on the BCI's Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2013.
We offer in-house bespoke ISO 22301 training in conjunction with regular public training courses in ISO 22301.

Download a copy of our training brochure to find out about the dates and fees of our next ISO 22301 training course.
Book online by clicking on the Book ISO Training button and reserve your place on our next training today. Alternatively you can phone the offices on (Ireland) +353 (0)  1 6429300 or +44 (0)28 90 73 7913 (Belfast, Northern Ireland) and ask to speak to one of our business Development team members who will advise you on the best solution for your company on its ISO 22301 training and certification journey. Presentation objective is to provide an overview of our Business Continuity building blocks, offer insight into the look and feel of the application and Showcase how you can easily use our software.

This training course uses role plays and case studies to learn, from a practical perspective, how to audit against ISO 22301. All of our tutors are lead ISO 22301 auditors and hence can offer personal career expertise to each training course.

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