ResilienceXpert is a Business Continuity Management System for both mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. The system documents and manages the critical recovery information following the industry’s best practices and standards prescribed by BS25999 and Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines - allowing organizations with little or no prior experience with continuity planning to have an effective BCP system in place. Financial and insurance companies are probably the companies that are best benefited with the formal business continuity management software. Managers can adapt any type of business continuity software they want for as long as the output or developed plan will work. The EchoSystem Service Integration Platform is a cloud-based Software as a Service foundation that provides end-to-end administration, provisioning, management, integration and delivery of interoperable contact center services. The Echopass multi-tenant software is a multilayer distributed architecture in which each layer manages specific tasks in order to ensure maximum performance and security of the contact center. The first is the informal software, where the management can still use office applications to create their continuity plan.
Aside from the coffers and financial data print outs, the software will enable them to track and update their information base and continuity plan easily. Many like the simplicity of the informal software but more managers support the formal software.
The architecture comprises both Echopass proprietary software stacks as well as industry leading applications from our EchoPlace technology partners.

The Echopass Symmetry™ datacenter configurations offer the highest levels of redundancy and business continuity protection including geographic separation and complete end-to-end management. The architecture is comprised of both Echopass proprietary software as well as fully integrated world class applications from our EchoPlace technology partners that are all recognized as communications industry leaders by such research organizations as Gartner, Forrester, and Frost & Sullivan. That is why businesses, especially the big ones, should invest on business continuity software.
But overall, an effective business continuity plan software will produce benefits to any type and size of business. The formal business continuity software has an easy update system, which can be easily distributed to concerned employees. This industry leading business continuity capability of Symmetry is achieved through multiple datacenters configured in an active-active mode that share and distribute the incoming traffic load on a continual basis. Many heads, even that of the big companies, still claim that the MS Excel and MS Word and similar applications are also types of business continuity software.
The software has a unique planning and tasking feature that serves as the company’s checklist. Echopass uses Genesys SIP Server and Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform for managing and tracking customer contacts across any media interaction type from beginning to end, regardless of the business or geographic complexity of the interaction flows. Here, the software addresses the critical issues and aspects of a business that needs to be worked on so important information, documents and assets will be safeguarded.

It includes solutions provided by software providers and business consultancy firms, such as SunGuard Data Systems and EverGreen. They are highly acceptable and often labeled as “powerful solutions” for a business continuity management plan. They claim that the simplicity of the office application is quicker and easier to use versus the formal software where non-expert users first need to build their skill and learn to operate the software.
In the virtual business environment, different solutions will be recommended according to expressed needs, and of course including solutions such as VMWare HA.A constantly available virtualized infrastructure!When virtualization is at the heart of infrastructure projects, risks linked with virtualized system downtime become a major issue for virtualization.
To opt for an NEC Fault tolerant server with an exchange 2007 messaging service, is to opt for performance, efficiency and piece of mind with no threats of unplanned downtime.Vertical ApproachVertical ApproachThe demand for high availability and continuous IT system availability is directly linked to the activities of the business. They are based on multi-site organizations or on mobile employees and the co-ordination and processes which are at the heart of the business.

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