Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements. Detailed background on CISSP exam Domain 7, covering business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning: Management leadership, goals and requirements, business impact analysis, team building and implementation. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning It's critical that companies understand the degree of potential damage and revenue losses that different types of business interruptions can cause.
The main goals of a business continuity plan are to improve responsiveness by the employees in different situations, ease confusion by providing written procedures and participation in drills and help ensure logical decisions are made during a crisis. The necessary software -- the operating systems, programs and utilities used during regular business -- must also be backed up regularly to the offsite facility.
Today, approximately 65% of companies could not stay in business if they had to be closed for a week or longer. If a program is built for a particular version of an operating system, it will not run if the wrong version of the operating system is installed at the offsite facility.

Business continuity deals with keeping a company and business after a disaster has been experienced and takes a lot more into account than just technology. Almost every type of business interruption causes some direct or indirect affect on the productivity of a company, thus its revenue stream.
If data is formatted to a particular version of a spreadsheet program, and that version is not also updated to the backup facility, it's possible that the necessary data will not be available in the time of need. The business continuity committee must identify the necessary skill set for each critical task and come up with back up solutions as in using temp agencies or cross training individuals. Appropriate risk financing is a backstop to ensure we can implement necessary business plan continuity. More and more companies are developing business continuity into their environment because of the raised awareness of tragic possibilities, but also because of new regulatory requirements that infer executive management obligations for fiscal responsibility. The business case can include current vulnerabilities, regulatory and legal obligations, current status of recovery plans and recommendations.
You would need to replace all computer resources, networking -- maybe even people -- as well as find a new site to get your business running again.

Loss resiliency through minimization of regional natural catastrophe exposures, global scale and redundancy Adoption of world-class  standards Recognized best-practices for loss prevention, crisis management and business recovery Business Continuity Management Process GLOBALFOUNDRIES utilizes methodologies recommended by recognized standards and organizations.
This information can be gathered through standard survey tools or questionnaires given to the most knowledgeable people within the company. Companies unable to support the ongoing service fees required for these options sometimes make arrangements with compatible companies who will host each other's employees and business functions in the event of a disaster.
The decision of how a company should plan to recover is purely a business decision and should be treated as such.
This is by far the least expensive, but is also the most risky since few companies maintain the extra capacity and equipment that would be suitable to host another company's business processes.

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