Mission statements and business continuity plans are different documents with similar purposes.
Mission StatementYour company mission statement articulates the purpose for your company's existence. Business Continuity PlanWhen disaster strikes, your business continuity plan helps you get back to serving your customers as quickly as possible. UtilityThe mission statement is shorter in length than the business continuity plan, but it has a greater impact on your company. StakeholdersYou will publicly share the mission statement with your employees, customers, partners and anyone who will potentially do business with you.
Your mission statement gives your company direction for serving the marketplace and tells the world what to expect from you.

The plan lists potential disasters your business will encounter and how to limit their effects.
The mission statement continuously drives your company's focus, while the business continuity plan drives your company's focus only during times of business interruption and disaster recovery. Whether your company's location burns down or is destroyed by a tornado, your business continuity plan will give you and your employees the direction and expectations for keeping your business active in the marketplace despite extenuating circumstances. Exact tasks and a timeline for your employees are listed to ensure that your business's essential functions can continue with minimal disruption.
Ultimately, the priorities listed in your business continuity plan are directed by the company mission statement. Brown holds a Master of Business Administration from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

A continuity plan should include a disaster recovery strategy to restore data and technology losses caused by the disruption. The creation of your business continuity plan will include other employees and stakeholders of your company to ensure the plan has no missing pieces.
While people and functions change, you should expect disaster to strike at some point in your company's existence, so the business continuity plan is updated and rehearsed regularly.

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