Tiny, light and infinitely transportable, this affordable little kit might save your life in an emergency.
You can go fancier and build a kit in a small Otterbox waterproof case, but the whole idea here is to create something small enough that you have no excuse not to carry it and cheap enough that you have no excuse not to make one. The items in this kit aren't the kind of stuff you're going to want to rely on through hard, frequent use. Packing a little plastic poncho of the kind handed out at music festivals is always a good idea, but even if you can squeeze one inside an Altoids tin, it'd preclude packing anything else.
If you want to include one of those Mylar survival blankets, wrap it around the outside of the tin after the kit is complete.
A Loksak makes a great waterproof case for the kit and can double as that clear water container.
Food: Packing fishing line as your cordage give you a multi-use capability, making the most of your limited space. You can also use your little cable saw, knife blade and cordage to create a spear to catch small game and fish. First Aid: You've got duct tape and the ability to tear or cut your clothing, so you have the capability to close wounds and make Band-Aids, slings, splints or cover blisters. Altoids survival kits have been a mainstay of the survival community for many years – and for plenty good reason!
Obviously, commercial survival kit assemblers have economic realities and can’t offer the best tools without jacking up the price considerably, but at the end of the day, this is precisely why I encourage everyone to assemble their own survival kits. The very first thing to do before assembling your kit is to think about your environment (in terms of what you will need to survive in that environment), and the nature of the space you have.
The exact method of your plans for your Altoids kit will vary on your choice of items, but generally speaking, you want to pack both the bottom and the lid with large squishy items like bandages to act as a soft buffer, and then place your more awkward items (like superglue and rolls of tape) as the obstacles the rest of your gear will have to navigate around to fit into.
I will reiterate that depending on your situation the items or even the order in which you pack your kit will change significantly. If you have a survival, preparedness, or gear related question you’d like us to answer, don’t hesitate to let us know! Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe insentive offered here! Inspiration and Motivation can be a difficult thing to pack in a survival kit, not impossible.
The emotional side of survival is definitely worth discussing & in future I will probably scribble down some thoughts on the matter. More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear.

Building and designing your own personal survival kit can be a very rewarding project – especially if you ever actually have to use it. Well, I happened to stumble upon these when I was purchasing 550 paracord for a homemade survival bracelet. Being prepared for any emergency with the right EM Kit not only saves time but also your life and others!!!
They're small, light, works-in-a-pinch stuff, intended to give you a diverse level of extra capability should you find yourself stuck somewhere with nothing else to rely on.
These remain the same no matter where you find yourself, desert, mountains, forest, whatever.
Two unlubricated, plain condoms can each hold a gallon of water, while taking up very little space in your tin. In a survival situation, small prey should be your focus, it's easier to catch, much more abundant and, cumulatively, can actually add up to a lot of food for not much work.
A flat whistle is also a great idea, it's much louder than even the loudest shout and you can blow on a whistle long after you'd have lost your voice hollering.
These ubiquitous tin mints can be sourced from nearly anywhere, and that all-too-well-known container that the mints are housed in offers a discreet form, useful in and of itself for survival, with enough storage to pack plenty of small-sized survival goodies. The gist of the article is my firm belief that one should be going out and making their own compact survival kit, rather than purchasing one from a retailer. Not only to save on cost, but also to be able to control the quality of the products that you’re supposed to be trusting your life with! It really is worth experimenting with different methods and item choices to get a kit that works perfectly for your environment, and that has all the options you want. If you’re more likely to get lost in the wilderness than you are to get into a car crash, your Altoids tin survival kit should be adjusted accordingly. Much like the fishing kit, its day to day applications are limited, but the wire could certainly prove invaluable in a true survival situation. You will count your lucky stars for having this on you if you ever have any larger wounds in an emergency situatoin, especially if you don’t have a trauma pad around.
I pretty much always carry one of these on my keychain, but the goal of this survival kit is for it to be self-contained (i.e.
I am a firm believer that having an inconvenient kit, one you wouldn’t want to open and use, is nearly as bad as not having a kit in the first place. I do not know your life as well as you, and thus, I could not possibly know what the very best, absolute most ideal configuration for your Altoids survival kit would be. Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike.

Since the beginning of time, man has been designing Survival Kits of all types, shapes and sizes.
Building an expansive 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Survival Kit can take many hours and can be expensive.
In this small kit I packed 2 waterproof matches (dipped in nail polish) and taped a match strike strip on the underside of the lid. Everyone has their own environmental factors to consider, and what may work for me may not work for you. I can only advise you by telling you what I have done for myself, and why you might want to adjust depending on your own environmental conditions. A popular challenge within the survival community is to build a small and thorough Survival Kit using an ALTOIDS CANDY TIN. I’ve been preparing my vehicle with survival items such as rope, bottled water, gas cans, etc. If you don't want to or can't carry a large length of steel on your hip and want a knife you can pack alongside this kit (but outside it, won't fit), we recommend the ESEE Izula, which will be just the thing for wood processing, fire making and shelter building in a real pinch. So as always, view my personal survival kit as a broad guide on what to include in your own survival kit, and not as an absolute rule to how they should all be.
Honestly, I hope those who pack their Altoids tins so tight will never need to use them, because in a real emergency, I imagine if they open them, half the items will find themselves on the floor.
Only you would be able to come up with the very best configuration of items for you, as you know more than anyone else does what might go wrong in your life. Nonetheless, I hope reading through this guide has helped to open your mind up to possibilities for items that might be good to start with. It can force your bowel movements to regulate when faced with adverse conditions and extreme changes in diet (like eating gathered and wild food with little to no carbs when you’re used to a regular carb-heavy diet). A twenty or fifty dollar bill might also come in handy for you to throw in if you’re in the city like me, but are maybe a little more likely to forget your wallet at home. Second, it puts you in the survival mind-set and forces you to think creatively about how and what to pack in the kit. Think about your life, what emergencies typically take place, and how small items you can place in your Altoids tin emergency kit can help you get out of those emergency situations.

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