It is imparting versatile knowledge to the readers and leads the students from the chaos and confusion to the crystal clear world of wisdom and knowledge. Kataria & Sons, the publishers of Engineering and Computer Books, is a sweet haven for all the enterprising and enthusiastic authors.
Here I am suggesting few books for the GATE Electronics and Communication exam preparation which you are looking for . You can prepare GATE exam by the notes of made easy series which is available in any centre of the made easy institute in Delhi you can also join test series of made easy,gate forum ,gate academy etc.

HI can anyone please tell me where to download from the mentioned books for ECE, as buying all of them is an unaffordable concept.
GATE scores are valid for two consecutive years, so you can take admission as per your desire. If you know any book which is not present in the list and can be useful for students, please suggest that book by filling the below form. All the concepts and theories you should study from text books that you followed in throughout your B.Tech.

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