Just starting out in Electronics, this book is ideal for the beginner or High School Student. This book starts from the very beginning, with the first chapter introducing soldering and using a meter.
This great introductory book for Electronics is an ideal starting point into the world of Electronics.
This book follows a teaching approach with each section clearly divided with tests and plenty of examples to quickly develop your understanding and practical knowledge. Great new book in the Evil Genius series for Auto projects, learn as you build these exciting projects. Learn how to combine electronics and mechanics, in the latest installment of the Evil Genius series.
If you enjoyed, Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius, you will certainly like More Electronic Gadgets. This excellent project book includes 28 interesting and inexpensive projects you can build.
This book has basics in digital electronics and a little more advanced topic like Integrated Circuits, Microcontrollers and so on.

Anil K Maini is an Indian author and the proud writer best sellers like Electronics Projects for Beginners, Electronics and Communication Simplified, Handbook of Electronics, Electronics for Competitions, and so on.
He has written and published numerous articles in topics like Laser Systems, Optoelectronic Sensor Systems, and Digital Electronics.
With almost 40 years of teaching experience, he has written many prominent books like Pulse and Digital Circuits, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Digital Signal Processing, and Signals and Systems. Te book is mostly used by engineering students, professors, and also can be used as a reference for self study.
This is an ideal refresher book or as a quick learning guide to teach practical design skills. If you want to learn how many real-world devices are constructed and made, then this book is great for you.
This book is very well known for its connecting bridge between the theoretical and practical gap and has proved to be a firm foundation in the basic digital design technology.
Apart from the basics in digital technology, the book has provided a lucid and simple explanation of basics for advanced topics like microcomputers, bus structures and memory systems. The book has a detailed explanation of the basics of digital electronics along with integrated circuits and its application principles.

All these books have been reviewed in detail, and the links to buy these books have also been provided. The book covers latest application fields including digital instrumentation, programmable logic devices, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and digital troubleshooting.
The author of the book is William Gothmann H, who has published other famous books in practical electronics like Contemporary Mathematics for Electronics, and Electronics: A Contemporary Approach.
The notable feature of this book is that all the fundamentals are explained in very simple words that any beginner could easily grasp. The book is preferred by engineering students studying electrical, electronics, and computer science.
This book is a very common reference book fir engineering students, teachers, and enthusiasts who have some basic knowledge in electronics.

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